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DinoPark Eurorack - Seven Classic Creamware Synthesizers in One Module


German Synthesizer Guru Jörg Schaaf from Radikal Technologies gives an introduction to our brand new DinoPark Eurorack Module. The module is a full voice, polyphonic modelling synthesizer module which adds a wealth of timbres to your Eurorack with seven different synthesizers.

DinoPark is an amazingly flexible, one-of-its-kind DSP-based sound synthesizer module. Utilizing CreamWare’s legendary modelling technology, DinoPark offers seven (7) models across different synthesis methods including subtractive synthesis, wavetable synthesis, FM synthesis and physical modeling. Resulting in a huge variety and spectrum of sounds - infinitely larger than the box is comes in! 

DinoPark is unique in many ways. Its seminal development and beginnings over 20 years ago, forms the foundation for its unique refinement and richness when it comes to combining the best of both worlds in hardware and software synthesis.



It was Frank, founder of MakePro X who was the father of the legendary CreamWare SCOPE platform. Roughly 20 years ago, Frank and his team pushed the envelope and set new and lasting standards in software based synthesis. Truly pioneering technology that was, as many say, way ahead of its time. With their uncompromising approach to quality, CreamWare was not satisfied with host CPUs so they added whole arrays of dedicated SHARC Audio DSP processors which were new and revolutionary at that time. This approach allowed CreamWare to lead the industry in sound, performance and flexibility for years – however, this novel approach also came with a heavy price tag which ultimately took CreamWare out of the competition for less demanding mainstream markets. Today SHARC DSP processors continue to power only the very elite audio equipment in the industry – having evolved in power and price/performance; now offering 10-20 times the performance in comparison to the heyday of the CreamWare SCOPE and NOAH platforms.


The full sound package for your Eurorack with 7 fantastic and classic synthesizers!


  • A total of 7 synthesizers for your Eurorack - while still small in size
  • Choose from a variety of awesome Synths - all precise replicas of the legendary classics
  • BIG sound - brings the highly praised CreamWare plugin technology back to life
  • One-of-a-kind, modeling Drum Kit and Bass Voice Synthesizer for Eurorack
  • A complete set of fully tweakable Drum Instruments - fully synthesized, no samples!
  • Full voice, expressive Bass Synthesizer alongside your Drum Kit
  • Expandable with “Dino Dials” Encoder Module - assignable, touch sensitive Knobs!
  • Integrates into the modular MakePro System - for as much tactile control as you want !

Read more about ... at the official product page on dinopark.makepro-x.com




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