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EMS Founder Peter Zinovieff Has Passed Away at 88

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Peter Zinovieff was a British Engineer, inventor, composer and founder of the one of the worlds first commercial synthesizer makers as passed awa at 88 on June 23, 2021. In the late 1960s, his company, Electronic Music Studios (EMS), made the VCS3, a synthesizer used by many early progressive rock bands such as Pink Floyd and White Noise, and Krautrock groups such as Kraftwerk and Klaus Schulze as well as more pop-orientated artists, including Pink Floyd, Todd Rundgren and David Bowie. 



Peter Zinovieff was also one of the inventors of MUSYS, one of the first digital music systems that used an analog synthesizer system controlled by DEC PDP-8 minicomputers and a piano keyboard. He would go on to develop many more advanced systems such as the expansive EMS Synthi 100 and the video synthesizer the EMS Spectron among many other sound making and compositional devices. Jon Lord, the keyboardist for Deep Purple described Zinovieff as "a mad professor" type. "I was ushered into his workshop and he was in there talking to a computer, trying to get it to answer back".



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