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RH-1 DCO DIY Synthesizer Boards Deliver the Juno 106 Sound




The RH-1 is a digitally controlled (DCO) Synth based off the Juno 106 design. It will be available as a kit to build allowing the user flexibility of a desktop unit or rack mount unit.

It’s a mono synth with programmed ‘key rollover’ if a key is held down and another pressed it will change the pitch and re trigger the envelope.




Single Digitally Controlled Oscillator, Saw + Pulse (PWM Adjustable)

Single ADSR analog envelope (AS3310)

PWM and Filter envelope mod, adjustable

External inputs for Filter and PWM summer

0 to 5 volt analog CV

12 volt digital CV

AS3372 signal processor

Envelope re-trigger on second key press

Adjustable audio out ~650mV p-p

PIC16F18344 controller running with a 4MHz crystal oscillator

Power requirements are +/- 12 volts. A standard eurorack connector will be on the PCB

Pitch bend can have audible glithes at high frequencies due to the digital timer, and is not as responsive as the voltage controlled version and there is no triangle wave. Howevever there is no tuning to be done and will remain stable due to a crystal master oscillator

Sound Demo


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