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Sonic Potions x Erica Synths LXR-02 Desktop Digital Drum Synthesizer Announced

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Boutique synthmakers Sonic Potions and Erica Synths have teamed up to bring you the Sonic Potions x Erica Synths LXR-02 Digital Drum Synth. A revamped version of Sonic Potions' renowned DIY kit, the LXR-02 is a highly flexible desktop drum machine, which goes far beyond the TR-style drum machines from which it draws its inspiration. Featuring six drum voices (which are optimized for specific drum sounds), a host of modulators, a robust FX section, and a performance-oriented interface, the LXR-02 is an inspiring piece of kit that has enraptured Sweetwater’s synth enthusiasts. With its high-quality 16-bit/44kHz audio, the LXR-02 has a shockingly huge sound. And, its powerful 16-step sequencer provides eight subdivisions per step, for a massive 128 steps per track at 32PPQ resolution. The LXR-02 facilitates sonic exploration, and you can store custom kits on the provided SD card. What’s more, a unique morphing feature allows you to seamlessly crossfade between presets — perfect for spicing up compositions! And while the LXR-02’s Digital Drum Synth features run deep, it’s amazingly intuitive. You’ll be cranking out killer sequences in no time!

A sonic laboratory for beatmakers

The LXR Digital Drum Synth encourages you to put on your sound designer hat and generate custom drum sounds. It features six voices, which are optimized for creating specific types of drum sounds. Three general drum voices allow you to create everything from kicks and toms to cowbells and other percussive elements. On top of those, the LXR provides a subtractive clap and snare voice, an FM voice for pitched percussion sounds, and a hi-hat voice, with a separate track for dialing in open hats. The character of the LXR runs the gamut, with the flexibility to produce warm old-school analog drum machine tones, crunchy early digital beats, and crisp modern sounds. The LXR is a sonic laboratory with endless options for experimentation!

Massive amounts of modulation

To wrangle the most out of your drum sounds, the LXR hosts a deep set of modulators. Each voice is equipped with an envelope generator for tailoring attack and decay, with a variable slope that runs from exponential to linear to logarithmic. A transient generator allows you to layer in a controllable click and a selection of transient samples to add additional impact to your sound. Plus, each voice has a distinct LFO, which is routable to numerous modulation destinations, such as pitch; envelope decay, slope, and amount filter frequency, resonance, type; drive, and more. Additional modulation sources include note velocity and the FM oscillator, and you can automate parameter changes via the sequencer for continuously evolving soundscapes.

Designed for live performance

Sonic Potions and Erica Synths went out of their way to equip the LXR with a performance-oriented interface with most functions just a single button-push away. You can twist, tweak, and bend sounds on the fly, while the sequencer churns out your beats. Moreover, a dedicated performance mode serves up additional live performance features, including manually triggered rolls and the ability to dynamically morph between kit presets!

Robust FX section

As if the LXR wasn’t already overflowing with ways to twist and bend its voices, this powerful drum synth also contains a seriously robust FX section. Beef up kicks and snares and mangle hats and percussive strikes with the LXR’s three available drive FX: tube saturation, wavefolder, and hard-clip distortion. Engage the ring modulator to instantly weirdify sequences. Take total control over the drum dynamics with a full-featured compressor. And get spacey using the built-in 20ms - 700ms delay, which incorporates an LFO for swooshing flanger-style effects.


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