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Autechre AE_LIVE Nord G2 Patches

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The original Autechre AE_LIVE Nord G2 Patches including the patches and performance fiels. The following patches are included in this pack:

+ AeLive08 060308.pchList
+ DaeX 11.pch2
+ ermmoix X19.pch2
+ ermpow3.7cc.pch2
+ ErmPowAUX5.pch2
+ fizpAd 14.pch2
+ HasTHreme3.2.pch2
+ numpeedXY 6.pch2
+ Nungmrl8.6.pch2
+ PongIX 11.pch2
+ VAeSTabX 3.9.pch2
+ VAeSTabX 4.pch2
+ VastringXYZ 11.pch2


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