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Nord Modular G1 - Syncusser (Syncussion SY-1 Clone)

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    When someone asked if the Nord Modular could clone the Pearl Syncussion SY-1 drum machine, I had to give it a try. I worked out what I think are the two synth voices. The OSC Modes are too complicated for one patch and probably easiest to make by patching the OSC Modes manually and saving them as separate variation patches. 

    Some notes to note. Because all the parameters are exposed. This has more options than the SY-1.

    Based on the hardware interface (see below). I was not sure about a few things and have assumed the following:

    1. Width - patched to pulse width.
    2. Sweep Speed - patched LFO B mod Filter freq.
    3. Sweep Range - patched LFO B mod Filter amount.
    4. L.F.O. Speed - patched LFO A mod OSC freq.
    5. L.F.O. Range - patched LFO A mod OSC amount.
    6. S&H - patched to mod OSC freq.

    As for the modes. The easiest, most logical, way to handle that is make variation patches with the different mappings as follows - Oscillator modes:

    A = VCO 1 only
    B = VCO 1 modulates VCO 2 frequency, the latter routed to the VCF
    C = Both VCO to the filter but VCO1 at reduced level.
    D = EG 1 modulates VCO1, EG2 modulates VCO2. Both VCO to the filter
    E = VCO 1 modulates VCO 2 which has a sawtooth wave. VCO 2 to VCF
    F = Noise to VCF, no oscillators Z
    G = VCO 2 to VCF, EG 2 modulates VCO 2, VCO 1 modulates VCF
    H = VCO 2 with sawtooth to VCF
    I = VCO 2 with triangle to VCF Z
    J = Ringmod 1 to VCF
    K = EG 2 modulates VCO 2, Ringmod 1 to VCF
    L = LPF noise modulates VCO 2, which is routed to the VCF

    More Syncussion info here: http://hem.bredband.net/bersyn/Percussion/super syncussion.html

    Thanks to Ben Binary for the original post that got this going.


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