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Nord Modular G2 - Quadraphonic Mixer

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    What ever happened to QUADRAPHONIC? Use the Nord Modualr G2 as an analog Quadraphonic mixer. You Can mix inputs with patches from other buses.

    I cooked up this patch to mix each of the 4 mono inputs to a quad out (1FL, 2FR, 3BL, 4BR) speaker set up: 

    + Input level control. 
    + Fade front to back. 
    + Pan left to right. 
    + Switch manual or auto-pan. 
    + LFO auto-pan modulation. 
    + External and Bus inputs. 
    + Controller knobs mappings. 

    Just a sketch. Lots of things to add to this like true 360 spins, effects, and more to be sure. 

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