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    Binary 07

    On Saturday, October 29th, Richard Devine headlines Binary Society's Halloween Season Finale at the historic Trianon Theater in Downtown San Jose. Also performing is BASECK from L.A.'s Black Line, Silicon Valley techno trio Haptic Synapses (Derek Scott, Charles Johnson and Steve Cooley), Serge master Doug Lynner, Mike Dobler (L.A.'s Modular on the Spot), and Binary 05 headliner, James Cigler. 100% live synth performances.It will be a Halloween weekend event, so bring your costumes and we'll hand out the candy and other cool swag to people in the coolest costumes. This event is free, so please spread the word. At 5pm, the doors will open to the Interactive Instrument Lounge featuring Dave Smith Instruments, Waveformless, Zetaohm and Tim Thompson. The courtyard craft beer garden will be hosted by ISO Beers from open until the end of the intermission. They will also serve red and white wine. Performances will begin soon after 6:00pm. We will have a mystery guest performer in the courtyard at the intermission. Binary 07 ends at 10:30pm. Check out the official site for artist bios and playlists at distortion.co/binary Binary 07 is produced by Distortion Productions and sponsored by Dave Smith Instruments, Make Noise Music, I/O Modular Technology, Waveformless, Source One Audio Solutions, and Folktek.
  2. Using a sequencer, a sample and hold and two clocks you can create complex melodies. Though this is illustrated on a Serge the concepts apply to many modular synthesizers. Let me know how you apply this on your modular synthesizer. To see the modules used in this patch in detail see the Mystery Serge at http://www.serge.synth.net/gallery/dl.... Doug's website is http://www.neatnetnoise.com. Interact with Doug: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1LRX... https://soundcloud.com/doug-4 https://www.facebook.com/doug.lynner
  3. until
    Live performance and interview with Doug Lynner on The Rduck Show. Freak Radio Santa Cruz, 101.3FM. Live stream at http://www.rduck.com. Underground electronic ambiance sculpted live!
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