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  1. Klaus Schulze - Dune
  2. The x0xi0 Synthesizer is a full-featured instrument based on the core of the Roland TB-303. The development of the complete synthesizer was a natural progression from the x0xi0 DIY kits for x0xb0x. View full synthesizer
  3. x0xi0 Synthesizer Rev B
  4. MAXON DS200 is 2 channel analog drum synthesizer module. It plays 2 sounds at once that can be mixed into it's main output. The unit offers knobs for editing the sounds into your own creations.It can be played from a drum pad or triggered from a drum machine or other analog devices. View full drum machine
  5. Maxon Model DS200 Drum Synthesizer
  6. DB9 is a 1U rack mountable unit, with 10 dials, no hidden menus or function keys like some over complicated designs. This was essentially an imitation of the TB-303, while not hugely similar it has since become an instrument in its on right. Has one oscillator with saw and square wave. Can also be used as an audio filter for external sounds. View full synthesizer
  7. Control Synthesis Deep Bass Nine
  8. The Skychord Glamour Box is an all analog dual oscillator synth with wave shaping and hurting of sounds of the Glamour box. The signal may be effected by the external audio input. The Glamour Box facilitates a wide range of maddening sounds ranging from sick static to modulating volcanic eruptions which are shoveled into all out sub-thunder explosions, and grated scraping high frequencies. The Glamour Box has an external audio input that smashes incoming signal inside of the two sweepable oscillators creating a vortex of intense distorted schizophrenic undulations View full synthesizer
  9. Skychord Electronics Glamour Box
  10. IMG_5406.JPG

    1. CIIIGoff


      I'll second those sentiments

      The Reel (to Reel) McCoy

  11. The Sismo Qad4 is a portable square wave generator with four analog oscillators, adjustable by pitch potentionmeters , built in amplifier and output, powered by battery or external power source. View full synthesizer
  12. Sismo Quad4
  13. View full synthesizer
  14. Sismo twin-T
  15. The Wobbulator is an 8-bit noisebox with theremin-like control, as well as several LFO oscillators that variably wiggle the pitch, phase, and volume of the output tone. The resulting sounds range from game system sound effects, coin-op warbles, car alarms, classic theremins, tron lightcycles, fuzzy televisions, and probably a lot more. View full synthesizer