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  1. More a man's vision of future synth than a product "yet". Genesis I is a custom synth created by 2BTruman for his live performances on Youtube, Facebook and Periscope. For now you can see and watch his progress at 


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    2. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      You can see they are touch screens. Great idea, and I am sure it took some work to design those custom graphics. FYI - https://touchinnovations.com/products/emulator-2/

    3. Jon Johnson

      Jon Johnson

      Yeah I think its pretty cool. I should probably try the demo on my Windows tablet? Was it Linux only before? I remember when you got a Touch screen a while back. Over at Syntopia they're shitting all over him. Poor guy. All he wanted to do is share it. 

    4. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      Its always been for Windows. Pretty much the only one. If you have an iPad, I would stick with the Liine Lemur app, MUCH better,

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