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    This premiered in Paris last week at Goethe-Insitut and is now available to view for a short time. The long awaited Kickstarter project of making the full length bio of Tangerine Dream. I was able to put in an uninterrupted hour of viewing this morning. Its 59 minutes long and has some incredible unseen footage and stills of the band from the early days until the present. Most of my old TD buddies have never seen a lot of the sections and interviews from long ago. It opens with footage taken of Edgar's Artificial Head System experiment. The tables are turned if you don't know German you'll have to rely on the footage which is "terrific" subtitles would be helpful but I just wish I knew how to understand and speak German. 

    A longer version of the film is still in the works as well as the Kickstarter campaign. if you want to know more check it out here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tangerine-dream/tangerine-dream-documentary


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    2. CIIIGoff


      This appears like it might be GREAT.  Sadly my rehydrated old computer won't let me watch this.  Fortunately I do have the 6 DVD set of Krautrock Nacht, which contains some ancient TD performances (and a LOT of other 1970's German experimentalists).    Thanks for the heads up, JJ, I'll pass along the news. 

    3. Jon Johnson

      Jon Johnson

      I think the long version will be much better and hopefully feature more of the eras that they kinda rushed through. The focus is centered on the Virgin era i spose for good reason.

      My wife asked me why a band like Tangerine Dream needs a Kickstarter for a documentary?Unless they blew their wad with GAS? I have no info or insider knowledge but it seems even the best of the best never have enough funds or just don't want to spend it. Like King Crimson always seems to be a show string as well.

    4. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      It is the production company TAG/TRAUM who are raising the money. IDK what TDs deal is for licensing, but generally a film like this has to be licensed to get access to all the photos and stuff. 

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