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    Music, Guitar, tone, Motorcycle racing, Mountains, Astronomy, Valve Amps, The Ocean, Scenery (see above - location), Sport, food, travel....

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  1. Grains of Sand

    Ambient guitar looping with an assortment of stomp boxes, two valve amps, two 2x12 cabs, recorded via SM57's onto a Zoom H1. Tracks sent to Melbourne for Dean Richards where he adds his magic touch. They return here, I master them using T-Racks and hey presto, we have an album of delightful relaxing music that you can listen to or have as a background sound source for helping you sleep, study, work....
  2. I hope you are all well and preparing for a special festive season ahead, hot n sunny for us, maybe cold and snowy for others.

    1. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      Hey hey, good to hear from ya. Have a great Festivus! 


  3. For all things electronic music...

    So nice to see this site back and running Jack!