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  1. Charles Rice Goff III Biography

    Charles Rice Goff III Biography III
  2. We just found out Bill & Melinda are MATCHING all Donations to Trees For The Future. Help us plant many more than 10,000 trees by purchasing the "This Music Plants Trees" album in any amount with 100% of the funds going to Trees For the Future at the following link…/this-music-plants-trees/.

  3. Topic: This Music Plants Trees

    Sound For Good Records began on Earth Day, March 22nd, 2012. As with most years, we will be marking our anniversary with another release to celebrate the Mother Earth on Earth Day April 22nd, 2015. This year, we are honored to present a massive community effort focused on leveraging the power of music to plant trees through the Trees for the Future project. "This Music Plants Trees" brings together artists from around the world in a collection of over 150 tracks. Discover a universe of music to share and help build awareness about Trees. They cool the planet, retain water, are home to the wild, and clean the air we breathe. Every dollar raised plants 10 trees. Your modest donation just $5 or $10 (or more) can make a big difference by planting 50-100s trees! Please give any amount now and get this great collection of music for your kind support of the Mother Earth. View full album
  4. This Music Plants Trees

    This Music Plants Trees - Various Artists
  5. Mechanics of Blue

    Mechanics of Blue - Jack Hertz
  6. Fukushima Drones

    Fukushima Drones - Various Artists
  7. ROBOTS!

    ROBOTS! - Various Artists
  8. Prehistoric Tar Pit Music

    Prehistoric Tar Pit Music - Various Artists
  9. FAST RAILS - Glimmer on the Tracks

    It is time for another FAST RAILS video to be released. EMjoy this video for "Glimmer on the Tracks". The follow up to "End of the Steam Age" takes us on a journey to Norway for some amazing scenery by way of the Slow TV Project. Get the album now at
  10. Dark Matter

    Dark Matter - Michael Meara
  11. Hello folks!

    Hello, Tamabot! Its great to hear new artists. Thanks for sharing your music.
  12. Ambient Arkansas

    Ambient Arkansas - Various Artists
  13. Ambient Germany

    Ambient Germany - Various Artists
  14. Biography: Thomas Park

    Biography: Thomas Park
  15. San Francisco Fog Music Festival 2015

    San Francisco Fog Music Festival 2015 Wednesday, January 28 @ 7:30 PM — Saturday, January 31 @ 7:30 PM Second Act, 1727 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA Four Nights of Live Music and Video Inspired by FOG Aural Films records, the label that publishes soundtracks for movies that do not exist. Is proud to present the San Francisco Fog Music Festival 2015. A four day event that brings together more than 20 different artists to present their sound and light interpretations of the weather event known as Fog. The events taking place January 28th through 31st at the Second Act in San Francisco, California. Will feature a diverse selection of artists working in a wide spectrum of styles. From the avant-garde, to popular, to the spiritual. Some of the Nation's most innovative artists will perform Fog inspired works on acoustic, electronic and invented instrumentation. The Festival will also feature modern visual arts projections as part of the show. Each performance will be accompanied by live video and visual media created by video artists Ann O'Rourke and Bill Thibault for the evening programs. Featured performers for the San Francisco Fog Music Festival 2015 include: Ann O'Rourke Big City Orchestra Bill Thibault Carolyn Fok Charles Shriner Chris Chafe, Sebastian Chafe, Aurélie Menetrieux Dan Pound DemonSleeper Doug Lynner Dohee Lee (이도히), Ed Schocker, Adria Otte Instagon Jack Hertz Kris T Force Mukaiji-kai (霧海箎会) - Nancy Beckman, Tom Bickley, Nan Busse, Joe Lasqo, Suki O'Kane, Bill Thibault onewayness R Duck Show RTD3 - Tom Nunn, Doug Carroll, Ron Heglin Sharkiface SpaceBrane Thomas Dimuzio Read the full details and more information at the official event page located at: