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  1. Happy Birthday to Klaus Schulze!

    We hope you will celebrate with the special dedication album, "In Love With The Moon: Klaus Schulze Birthday Tribute", featuring artists from around the world.

    Listen now at:  https://auralfilms.bandcamp.com/album/in-love-with-the-moon-klaus-schulze-birthday-tribute

    Thanks again to KS for so much great music and to all of you who supported this album - EMjoy!

    merch edit navigation bar In Love With The Moon: Klaus Schulze Birthday Tribute by Various Artists

  2. Just for the anniversary celebration, we are offering a 50% OFF coupon on everything from Aural Films for the rest of the month. You can buy any download or CDs at half price by using the the code "5years" at check out. Check out the catalog for all your choices here https://auralfilms.bandcamp.com/ .


  3. We just found out Bill & Melinda are MATCHING all Donations to Trees For The Future. Help us plant many more than 10,000 trees by purchasing the "This Music Plants Trees" album in any amount with 100% of the funds going to Trees For the Future at the following link https://sound4good.bandcamp.com/al…/this-music-plants-trees/.

  4. Facebook, like burning yourself and blaming the match.

  5. New track by Jon Johnson just added to Enter the Twiliight Zone - http://auralfilms.bandcamp.com/track/marcusson-you-were-right

  6. It has been 25 years since Laura Palmer said she would meet Cooper again: http://auralfilms.bandcamp.com/album/25-peaks

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