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  1. Compositions for the imagination, nature and sci-fi soundtracks, a spectrum from soothing calmness to esoteric sonic architectures. 14 Tracks of LIVE MODULAR SYNTESIZER creations. Made with my custom built 12U 104hp eurorack system between 2018-2021. A fluid journey of both rhythmic and ambient melodic pieces, meandering like a growing breathing alien puzzle, a zone in which all elements are in a state of symbiosis. ***** Released March 13, 2021
  2. This album was created by patching my custom 7U 104HP eurorack modular synthesizer for a generative piece that once set in motion was left to record for an hour. It is merged with field recordings I have captured over the winter of 2016 in the South Western Australian Jarrah forests, including motorbike frogs, banjo frogs, quacking frogs, rain, mowpoke/ boobook owl and an unknown mystery creature.
  3. I am going to have a GORK at this right now
  4. Fantastic & thanks Frank
  5. Recording

    1. Jon Johnson
    2. Symatic Star

      Symatic Star

      Cheers Jon :) Having lots of fun with a diverse range of approaches.

    3. Christopher Alvarado
  6. OOh audio teaser please
  7. until
    Ethereal Live is happy to announce the release of a very special performance by Jon Johnson and Jack Hertz : Recorded Live at the District of Columbia Arts Center, Washington. D.C. on February 28, 1991. After 23 years in the secret vaults, you can now enjoy this playful and mysterious album by downloading it from Ethereal Live: "EMjoy" http://ethereallive.bandcamp.com/album/dc-ac
  8. Excellent album Frank, lovely haunting melodies and beautiful textures, I have listened a couple of times, better get myself a copy.
  9. OUT NOW on Ethereal Live a fantastic deep atmospheric live performance from Modulator ESP http://ethereallive.bandcamp.com/album/beyond-the-event-horizon
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