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  1. http://www.fature.net/release.php?id=693 All tracks written and produced by Marc Garin 2014. 01.Dedicated to Lanz and Evangelista 02.Smiling Slave 03.Dont Think Just Move 04.Machine From Flesh 05.Medullary Reflex 06.Pay and Obey 07.Wooden Hammer 08.Dead Drunk Dumb Dance 09.I Feel Nothing 10.Who Need a Brain 11.Shoot the DJ 12.Sleep Traders 13.They Rent Nightmares 14.2 Neurons 15.Decerebrated MOCS
  2. https://archive.org/details/petroglyph269Leithal-This_is_not_a_Disco Pianos on Drum machines with a little editing can be made to sound like something machine made. The human process is not secondary but an integral part of the synthesis. This is not a disco.
  3. Broken Symmetry. Latest Album from Faturenet Collective. Our artist community has once again excelled itself with these impressions of the Hadron Collider and Higgs Boson particle. http://www.fature.net/release.php?id=682
  4. http://dystopiaq.com/?p=498 [dystopiaq041] Electric Type – We All Dream June 02, 2014 admin The first Dystopiaq release in over a year is Electric Type’s We All Dream- a fresh, futuristic sound coming from just outside Pittsburgh. The classic techno structures combined with abstract beats and distorted future sounds will satiate your aural palate. Artist: Electric Type Title: We All Dream Release: dystopiaq041 Date: June 2, 2014 Genre: Downtempo, Techno, Electronic
  5. Leithal

    [FNet059] Project 4.2

    http://www.fature.net/release.php?id=659 opps forgot the Download Link
  6. Project 4.2 out today on Faturenet http://www.fature.net/release.php?id=659 compilation using just 4 samples

  7. Leithal

    [FNet059] Project 4.2

    This second instalment of the 'Project 4' series once again showcases the talent of each artist when only four samples are provided to compose their music with. If you were impressed by the skills used in the original Project 4 compilation then get ready to be blown away by this unique and stunning exhibition of artwork. The original four samples were provided by users from the freesound.org project and are included in the release package. Compiled by L.Bridge Artwork by Prisp sample1: andrew duke - ad sample2: jobro - feast for the beast sample3: from freesound org - sexual intercourse female moans sample4: pablo v - chord one 01.Plutonium Telecom - Like I Give A Flying 02.Prisp - Krulu Prisp Wastes No Time Edit 03.My Own Cubic Stone - My Samplers Sadness 04.Leithal - Project 4 2 2 05.Illusion Of Presence - 4ganism 06.Fafnirrockson - Breezy 07.Hellscion - - 2 08.L.Bridge - Education For Two 09.Delcraft - Comfort Death And Resurrection 10.Seb D - Phucktorie 11.Waverine - 4Play 12.Delcraft - You Want Me To Ill Tell You Released: 27th Apr 2014 By Various License: by-nc-sa 3.0 Tags: sample mindfuck experimental electronic
  8. http://www.fature.net/release.php?id=588 Label sampler from the end of 2013.. Mixed by me.. I like it..
  9. That's me on yet another Social Networking site... Hello to all of you..

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