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  1. Jack Hertz recordings on this week's Deprogramming Center radio broadcast!.  Distracted by family feline health concerns, I missed posting an announcement for this program here for all of you late night radio listeners in California's wine country.  But you can still hear this show (for the next couple of weeks at least) at the link below.  A little background on our Encyclotronic host and some spacy (literally) music for your entertainment and edification.  This show also features long term recording artist and another spacy composer, Phil Klampe.


    1. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      FYI, for all you radio DJs, you also have a comments section on your show calendar page that you can, and should, make regular updates to. Might be more accessible to people who look at the calendar, if that's preferred. (Y)


    2. Ian Craig

      Ian Craig

      Nice post CIIIGoff, I'm listening now and thinking about the Krell music thing. Jack Hertz In order to create anything Krell related to the film is a difficult task. At first I was thinking of a back story but as they had all died long before the time setting of the film it becomes much easier to write Krell music that is not related to it at all, though the environment, both natural and psychic, is consistent to the film's present and past tenses. I have stuff that came from a patch I created for the MicroKorg about 5 or 6 years ago and something I came up with in software during the last couple of months (though finding that in the midst of backups from multiple computer changes will be an interesting task) that are both more or less focused on this topic already and as I tend to write short things I should be able to merge those with something new conceptually totalling less than 5 minutes. My one question is when you say 'mastered' what does that mean in terms of -dB, which I understand and LUFS etc which I don't ? 

      ... Great programme. 'forM' was a wonderful find :)

    3. CIIIGoff


      Ian -- thanks much for tuning in, AND even more for providing the positive feedback!  Good luck creating your Krell salad too.

  2. Rare Excerpts From K. Schulze Recordings will be broadcast this Friday at KOWS in California.  The show is The Deprogramming Center.  The recordings were part of a huge collection which once belonged to the late Doug Walker of the legendary Space Rock group:  Alien Planetscapes.  They were made available by Jerry Kranitz of Aural Innovations and edited by KOWS DJ Swami Loopynanda. 

    You can hear the show live on KOWS, this Saturday, July 21st, 12:00 AM USA PACIFIC DAYLIGHT TIME (Friday Midnight) here:


    Or, anytime for the next month here (this show will disappear in a couple of weeks):

    Deprogramming Center #69


    1. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      WOW! Will have to tune for that. I am a HUGE fan of Klaus Schulze. 

    2. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      BTW, these kinds of posts will get more notice if you put them in the Calendar.

      The status updates are not show to everyone or archived.

  3. A Visit To The Raymond Scott Sound Archive

    There exists at the University Of Missouri in Kansas City a huge research library of sound recordings, called the "Marr Sound Archive."  My wife, Karen, and I took a little trip there on Monday, June 4, to listen to a few rare tapes made by the legendary Raymond Scott.  We had a unique and very pleasant experience.

    The Marr Archive houses copies of millions of records, cylinders, tapes, CDs, digital audio files -- all sizes, shapes, lengths, etc. -- all types of artists from all over the world.  There are several "special" collections there as well, including the most extensive collection of Raymond Scott recordings anywhere.  The Scott collection contains not only commercially-released productions, but lots and lots of one-of-a-kind items recorded on lathe cut lacquer disks and reel to reel tapes -- radio shows, practice sessions, electronic sound experiments, etc.

    Raymond Scott  was a genius musician and arranger, and was also the inventor of some of the earliest electronic synthesizers.  His work influenced artists all over the world from the 1930's to the 1980's, and continues to do so today.  His jazz and orchestral recordings are quirky and inventive; some have become permanently embedded in the public consciousness due to Warner Brothers purchasing and adapting them as soundtracks for Looney Toons.  In the 1940's, Scott started creating all sorts of electronic instruments and playing around with recording technology, producing sounds that human beings had never heard (nor imagined) before.  For more extensive background on Scott, go here:

    Official Raymond Scott Website

    The Marr Archive is a research library, and the staff is very mindful of copyrights. Appointments for listening must be arranged in advance, and listening is only allowed in-house (no internet audio files are available).  For the sake of preserving rare recordings, guests don't get to handle original materials and only get to listen to digitized audio.   Many of the Scott recordings at the library have been digitized, but some haven't, and if you want to hear something that isn't digitized, you are obliged to pay $70/hour for a technician to digitize it for you.  To offset all of these rules, the staff at the archive is very helpful and welcoming to guests, which makes a trip to the library a fun and easy experience (at least it was for us).   For more information about the Raymond Scott collection, go here: 

    Marr Archive Raymond Scott Collection 

    Karen and I arranged to hear four recordings while we were there -- about 1 1/2 hours of material.   The library specialist with whom I arranged our visit, Andrew Hansbrough, had prepared a computer terminal with the materials I requested, but he went well beyond that in welcoming us to the Marr Archive.  He gave us a personal tour of the entire place.  This included demonstrations of some very ancient sound equipment and of the GIANT robot system that retrieves huge palettes of recordings from a vault that extends up several floors into a huge dark void.  Among other unique items, he showed us some 20 inch disks made of lacquer on glass during the 1940's (the USA needed all its metal for the war effort back then).   Really nice guy!

    The recordings that Karen and I heard included tapes of experiments made with various versions of Scott's "Electronium" and one tape of advertisement out takes from 1960.  None of this stuff has ever been made available to the general public outside of the Marr Archive.  The electronium materials were as engaging as any electronic music I've ever heard, ranging in form from rhythmic sounds, to lovely washes, to complete dissonant wildness.  The 1960 adverts we heard were obviously being arranged on the spot with some very talented musicians -- the same products (and verbiage) being presented and re-presented in all sorts of genres and styles to determine how best to sell them.

    Special thanks to Encyclotronic's Jack Hertz for placing the Raymond Scott Sound Archive into my awareness several months ago -- this is truly something that all Kansas City musicians and recording artists should know about and visit!





    1. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      Wowie! I am so glad you managed to make out there. What an amazing thing. I am going to have to visit one of these days. Really and truly, I will. 

      If you liked that. Maybe you can make it to the Festival in September?


  4. Jean-Luc BERTHELOT special radio broadcast this weekend, KOWS, 92.5 FM in Occidental/Sebastopol, California. 

    12:00 AM USA PACIFIC TIME,  Saturday March 3rd (Friday Midnight) here: KOWS Listen

    (p)Replay anytime for the next month or so here: The Deprogramming Center #60

    Dig it!

  5. Carols To Challenge Your Ears?  Need an alternative this season?  Try these:



  6. Electronic Trick Or Treat All Hallows Eve Sound Collage Improvs...  Got a desire to disorient your guests with disturbing sounds while ringing in this year's ghoul tide?  These recordings from Herd Of The Ether Space, Turkey Makes Me Sleepy, Disism, Goff, are free tickets to the fun house:

    Lacing The Candy


    Cute Little Devils

    Explosion Of Pedigreed Bunk

    Locust Hocus Pocus

    Plenty more here:  Taped Rugs Halloween Candy

    1. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      Gosh! My favorite holiday and I almost forgot. I'll have to work me up a Weenie list fer y'all too.

  7. George Orwell Meets 2017's USA
    Ride The Train Of  Dissonance To "Untopia"

    Our hero, Glarmen Glamours, takes on today's Big Brother with sound collage and dramatic electro-acoustical vigor.  

    Curious?  Click the Pic Below and Go:




    The first review is already in (quote Gerbil Bliss...)

    The perfect soundtrack to Washington crazy.  Tired of trying to apply logic to the sh*t going down in our federal and state governments? Here's a soundtrack of a response. The Universe help us all! Enjoy while we still have an open Title II regulated Internet.


    1. I.v. Martinez

      I.v. Martinez

      Fantastic work! I am so pleased and honoured :)

  8. Raymond Scott special on this week's Deprogramming Center broadcast.  Features Scott music plus some Scott tributes, including pieces by Encyclotronic's own Jack Hertz and Jon Johnson. 

    Live on KOWS, 12 AM Saturday (midnight Friday) USA Pacific Daylight Time here: 


    if this appointment is inconvenient, a (p)replay is available here for the next month or so...

    Deprogramming Center #44

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