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  1. Jack Hertz recordings on this week's Deprogramming Center radio broadcast!.  Distracted by family feline health concerns, I missed posting an announcement for this program here for all of you late night radio listeners in California's wine country.  But you can still hear this show (for the next couple of weeks at least) at the link below.  A little background on our Encyclotronic host and some spacy (literally) music for your entertainment and edification.  This show also features long term recording artist and another spacy composer, Phil Klampe.


    1. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      FYI, for all you radio DJs, you also have a comments section on your show calendar page that you can, and should, make regular updates to. Might be more accessible to people who look at the calendar, if that's preferred. (Y)


    2. Ian Craig

      Ian Craig

      Nice post CIIIGoff, I'm listening now and thinking about the Krell music thing. Jack Hertz In order to create anything Krell related to the film is a difficult task. At first I was thinking of a back story but as they had all died long before the time setting of the film it becomes much easier to write Krell music that is not related to it at all, though the environment, both natural and psychic, is consistent to the film's present and past tenses. I have stuff that came from a patch I created for the MicroKorg about 5 or 6 years ago and something I came up with in software during the last couple of months (though finding that in the midst of backups from multiple computer changes will be an interesting task) that are both more or less focused on this topic already and as I tend to write short things I should be able to merge those with something new conceptually totalling less than 5 minutes. My one question is when you say 'mastered' what does that mean in terms of -dB, which I understand and LUFS etc which I don't ? 

      ... Great programme. 'forM' was a wonderful find :)

    3. CIIIGoff


      Ian -- thanks much for tuning in, AND even more for providing the positive feedback!  Good luck creating your Krell salad too.

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