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  1. Landscape HC-TT Human Controlled Tape Transport

    Thanks for sharing, Mr. H! This thing has some potential for live performance, looks very nifty, nice design. The video shown here would be much less exciting without all the external effects boxes, however, methinks. It also seems like tape players with pitch controls do pretty much the same stuff that this device does, and I've used such in live performance myself several times. Regular old 4 track tape recorders also possess the ablility to flip tapes over and play the recordings backwards, and, used with a properly fingered pause button, can produce the same sounds that this thing does as well. There is a hip-hoppy-ness to this device for sure though, which I'm sure attracts attention to modern performers and audiences. It also is nice and compact, which has many advantages for performing as well. Very interesting. A bit expensive for us starving audio artists though.
  2. The Eyes Scream: A History of the Residents

    I saw Mr. Penn Jillette do the live "narration" for the Mark Of The Mole show a couple of times back in 1982. No one knew who he was then. I saw him play bass for the group on their middle 1980's tour too (last show, Warfield, SF). Most of the official Mole Show Ralph Recordz stuff I've seen over the years is made up of edits and collages -- not the straight ahead show itself, no Penn Jillette, sadly. I, naturally, have a pretty good recording from one of the SF shows from those days. I saw the Residents lots of times back in the 20th Century, used to go to Ralph garage sales regularly, saw Homer do a live demo of the FREAK SHOW interactive DVD/CD at the Mill Valley Film Fest. Ah, those were the days...
  3. OaklandXNoise - MasterClock: LIVE Open Electronic Music Jam!


    Is the Master Clock going to be synchronized with the End Of Time One Second From Now?
  4. Droned And Confused

    "Droned And Confused" is Volume Fifty-One of the Taped Rugs "Uncooked" series of productions. The recording marks the 10-Year Anniversary of the Uncooked series. All sounds on it were recorded by Charles Rice Goff III alone and alive in the Taped Rugs studio in Kansas City, Kansas, on January 17, 2018. It is an unrehearsed improvisation and is presented without the addition of effects nor overdubbed materials. Some short portions of the original recording were deleted. The audio tools employed to create this recording include: Korg R3 Vocoder/Synthesizer Micro Moog Analog Synthesizer Voice Five Below Modified Electronic Sound Generator Ibanez DM 1000 Digital Delay Boss RC-20XL Loop Station Loop Duplicator Diane The Mannequin Hand Copyright 2018 by Taped Rugs Productions
  5. Where Pathways Meet by PBK & John Wiggins

    The two artists involved in this project show off their combined compositional maturity through the creation of unique tempered noise. "Noise" in the sense of a chaos that lacks the usual tonalities, rhythms, and other patterns associated with what much of what the world considers "Music." But these pieces also generally lack the harshness of tones, the sharp-edged snaps, and pounding thumps that are often associated with "Noise." (the track: "Untitled #1" is a bit of an exception in places). Instead, generally the tones, while they vary considerably in pitch, density, and timber, are very much muted and unabrasive. The compositions offer rhythms and patterns, but they are unique to each piece, and their sounds harmonize in ways that have little to do with notation or key in the traditional sense. I offered the top "star" rating here, mainly because this website requires "star" ratings. I suggest you ignore it and instead accept this recommendation: -- this album will likely please listeners who are looking for something that will promote introspection and meditation, and in this respect, it exceeds most recordings that are branded "New Age" for that very reason. Anyone unfamiliar with either Mr. Klingler or Mr. Wiggins would benefit from making their acquaintance through this collection of recordings.
  6. Carols To Challenge Your Ears?  Need an alternative this season?  Try these:


  7. Conrad Schnitzler Birthday

    Mr. S, or "Con," as he is also affectionately referred to, interacted quite a bit with New York Cassette Culture Homerecording Experimentalist Gen Ken Montgomery over the years -- lots of collaborations, both audio and visual. There is a brand new GENERATOR cassette/online release of experimental music which features a bit of Con plus many other underground artists -- may be of interest to adventurous listeners and underground music lovers... 27 Years Later (cassette album promo) 27 Years Later (Bandcamp Post)
  8. Kecak Cassette

    I recently found one of these at a thrift sale held for a local church. It appears to have been produced in the 1960's, but unsure. There's no album notes at all, not even a mention that Kecak is Balinese music. It features some extremely complex vocal arrangements from a huge group of people. If anyone knows anything about this tape, I'd love more info.
  9. Kecak Cassette

    Now that we got to discussing this whole Kecak thing, I'm discovering a lot about it. It is a big religious/cultural ritual that involves a lot of people moving around in interesting ways -- there's a bit of documentation on You Tube worth watching that I may not have discovered if this whole EA Club hadn't motivated me -- thanks to all involved. Also, the idea that the tape I have is a bootleg of something else is possible, since I've discovered LORD put out some copies of a few "commercial" albums that I'm sure were unauthorized by their original producers. Nevertheless, this tape is a winner, no matter what it's origin! Here's some Kacak in action, skip to about 1 minute in to see this wild unique experience... As for Nonesuch ethno stuff, this one is one of my personal favorites: Anybody else heard this?
  10. Electronic Sound by George Harrison

    This one and Lennon/Ono's Two Virgins were some of my first exposures to electronic/experimental music. I was a 10 year old SF Bay Area kid back then, and while I was initially seeking out something a bit more "familiar" from these albums, the exposure I got to the avant garde mystified and intrigued me enough to eventually lead me to becoming a creator of unique sonic experiments myself. I should add that Revolution 9 was a big part of this exposure too. I've heard a lot of stories about how Beaver and Krause felt like they'd been Harrison's robbery victims with the release of this album. I'll just say that whatever dirty stuff that may have gone on regarding its production, the album's sounds got to my young ears and affected my brain permanently, and for this I'm indebted to everyone involved. The 5 stars indicate more my feeling about the whole than perhaps the "quality" of the sounds, but both make up a well-driven road on my synapses.
  11. Kecak Cassette

    I've seen a couple of other cassettes produced by LORD, who put this tape out. It's not Nonesuch, which has quite an extensive collection of ethno-ambient stuff. This cassette is not Gamelan either -- not like any Gamelan I've ever heard anyway -- there's no-to-little percussion of any sort on it, just two lonnnnnnnnnnnng sides of large groups of people singing complex vocals. My guess is there was a lot of dancing going on while this was recorded. I think, Mr. Hertz, another topic you might wish to pursue here in the EA club is a discussion of Nonesuch ethno recordings. I only have a few of these, and my experience with them is hit-or-miss regarding recording and performance quality. This Kecak tape surpasses most of the Nonesuch stuff I've heard in both areas (subjective opinion of CIII, of course, ha!)
  12. Aural Archipelago

    Thanks for the interesting link! Listening now to Java Drums and voices (#4). Meditative. Will explore futher.
  13. Electronic Trick Or Treat All Hallows Eve Sound Collage Improvs...  Got a desire to disorient your guests with disturbing sounds while ringing in this year's ghoul tide?  These recordings from Herd Of The Ether Space, Turkey Makes Me Sleepy, Disism, Goff, are free tickets to the fun house:

    Lacing The Candy


    Cute Little Devils

    Explosion Of Pedigreed Bunk

    Locust Hocus Pocus

    Plenty more here:  Taped Rugs Halloween Candy

    1. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      Gosh! My favorite holiday and I almost forgot. I'll have to work me up a Weenie list fer y'all too.

  14. Topic: BrandNewNoise Krankie Piano Roll Recorder

    I've got the "piano roll" part of one of these things -- got it at the KC Nelson Atkins Museum gift shop. I attached mine to a small coffee can to amplify the volume acoustically, but the rig here looks DYNAMITE in comparison. I've recorded mine with a microphone and by holding the open end of the can onto the strings of an electric guitar, directly over a pick-up. The potential for adding effects and such is unlimited, of course, once you get an analog signal. You can hear an example of what mine sounds like on one of the songs from the Aural Films CIII Biography (there's a couple of other music box things mixed in on this piece as well): Circus Of The Stars Actually, I've been playing music boxes into my guitar pick ups for years... it's always a big hit when done before a live audience. But the fact that this particular music box allows you to make your own "piano rolls" is very special. A while back I scanned a blank "roll" to exact dimensions (limited to 11 inch cardstock), so I could make more of my own compositions too (copy attached if you're interested). These work great. ALSO, with some of my other music boxes, I've experimented with removing some of their teeth -- this creates very interesting minimalist sort of tinkle patterns, especially nice for the "wind up" variety of music boxes... Thanks for sharing. $120 for this one of these, eh... hmmmm....
  15. Eliminating The Competition

    Eliminating The Competition by Charles Rice Goff III "Eliminating The Competition" is Volume Forty-Six of the Taped Rugs "Uncooked" series of productions. All sounds on this album were recorded by Charles Rice Goff III alone and alive in the Taped Rugs studio in Kansas City, Kansas. Each piece is an unrehearsed improvisation. They are presented here without the addition of effects nor overdubbed materials. Some portions of the original recordings were deleted. Manipulations of voices and language are looped and effected throughout, creating not only atmospheric moods, but also offering enough coherent verbiage to lead listeners on imaginative audio adventures. No chemical enhancements were employed in the creation of this work, but they may enhance the experience for listeners. Recording Dates: Track 1: August 4, 2017 Track 2: August 14, 2017 The audio tools employed to create these recordings include: Korg R3 Vocoder/Synthesizer Hello Kitty Stratocaster Electronic Guitar Micro Moog Analog Synthesizer Five Below Modified Electronic Sound Generator Voice Sony Walkman Portable Cassette Player Pre-Recorded Cassettes Ibanez DM 1000 Digital Delay Boss PH-1 Phaser Boss DB-5 Driver Distortion DOD FX56 American Metal Distortion MXR Distortion + (Plus) Distortion Morley Power Wah Boost Ernie Ball Wah Pedal Boss RC-20XL Loop Station Loop Duplicator Diane The Mannequin Hand The following devices were input into the sound mix through the guitar pick-ups: Electronic Toys, Vibrators The following were used as guitar string preparations: Metal Slide, Beaver Jaw/Teeth, Plectrums (Acetate, Felt, Metal), Vibrators

    Thanks for posting this here, Mr. H! My highest respects go out to Andy Kovats of True Age for producing this documentary the way he did -- that is, by soliciting artists to self produce responses to a list of questions, and then to skillfully edit these responses into a contiguous story that takes a year-by-year account of events in the 1980s and melds it to the whole american avant garde home recording phenomenon. Also, William Davenport recently did a documentary on the same subject with a much more "interviewer-interviewee" approach, which is well worth watching too methinks: The Great American Cassette Masters
  17. Hatched From Scratch by TMMS

    Turkey Makes Me Sleepy - Hatched From Scratch
  18. George Orwell Meets 2017's USA
    Ride The Train Of  Dissonance To "Untopia"

    Our hero, Glarmen Glamours, takes on today's Big Brother with sound collage and dramatic electro-acoustical vigor.  

    Curious?  Click the Pic Below and Go:




    The first review is already in (quote Gerbil Bliss...)

    The perfect soundtrack to Washington crazy.  Tired of trying to apply logic to the sh*t going down in our federal and state governments? Here's a soundtrack of a response. The Universe help us all! Enjoy while we still have an open Title II regulated Internet.


    1. I.v. Martinez

      I.v. Martinez

      Fantastic work! I am so pleased and honoured :)

  19. Topic: TBO-1 Organ

    I didn't know that organs were part of the synthesizer catalog here on the site, but seeing this old gem reminds me that in the early 1990's, one of my generous compatriots from Herd Of The Ether Space gave me an indefinite loan of a Yamaha C-30 organ, and it appears on several of my solo albums, Herd Of The Ether Space albums, and Disism albums recorded in those days (not that I played it with a single degree of virtuousity mind you...). It was a real heavy (literally) piece of equipment, and never left my home for live shows. I don't have any photos of the thing that were taken back in the day, sadly, but here's one that pretty much looks like it that I got from the internet. Here's a little recording attached from my Volatile Volitions album to letcha here one of the things with it too. Thanks Jon for bringing back some memories... Fink Void
  20. 4700/S

    Jon... did you build one of these? Do you have one yourself today?
  21. Raymond Scott special on this week's Deprogramming Center broadcast.  Features Scott music plus some Scott tributes, including pieces by Encyclotronic's own Jack Hertz and Jon Johnson. 

    Live on KOWS, 12 AM Saturday (midnight Friday) USA Pacific Daylight Time here: 


    if this appointment is inconvenient, a (p)replay is available here for the next month or so...

    Deprogramming Center #44

  22. Yes! Listened and enjoyed, thanks for posting. Interesting that this audio preview does not appear on the regular BASTA soundcloud site -- I assume you have some special access to secret soundcloud posts. Funny that you posted this right now, since I am in fact right now working on the Scott radio show set list... should be broadcast next Friday night on KOWS if all goes as planned. I'm not an expert on this subject by any means, but instead have only this year began to really explore the man's revolutionary productions and inventions, much due to your promotional activities Mr. Hertz -- I owe you a debt of many thanks for this, many thanks many thanks many thanks. More details on the show next week.
  23. Electric Sense


    Hey James, I've been tuning in ... was very pleased you shared Turkey Makes Me Sleepy's SANDMAN with your listeners on Wednesday night -- many thanks for your interest in the Aural Films Goff Bio release! Wednesday's set list was all over the place musically too, which I also found refreshing and the perfect fit for TMMSleepy. Keep up the good work, CIII
  24. Tone Telegrams

    This review of TONE TELEGRAMS was posted yesterday (May 19, 2017) directly on the post at The 5 star rating was that of Mr. Bliss -- I personally thought the stars were irrelevant, but the Encyclotronic web blog program thing does not allow reviews to be posted here without stars : Reviewer: Gerbil Bliss May 19, 2017 Subject: Totally coherent sonic aesthetics The amount of care that goes into these recordings is phenomenal. Charles Rice Goff III rewards each increase in attentiveness with sonic treats. This is serious music with a lightness, a light heartedness, that is completely free of pretensions, yet rewards any amount of serious listening (think Pauline Oliveros, classical symphonic music, the most heartfelt jazz) with revelations. Thank you Mr. Goff!!!
  25. Ah, how wonderful. I've been listening quite a bit to the Aural Films Scott Bio of late, as well as to some of his baby music albums, and all that listening has got me sort of preparing to do a special on Mr. S. on an upcoming Deprogramming Center radio broadcast. It will likely be on air before this new album comes out. I'll keep all you Encyclotronitians posted when and where. thanks for sharing the good news...!