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  1. Hey gang. Need help if possible. My external hard drive with 2 years of work is not delivering data to my mac pro. I can hear it running and my mac recognizes it. Just won't deliver. Message me if you have an idea.

  2. There are still tracks to be played with on Creation By Inertia. I'd love to hear what you can do with it. Here's a track by William Spivey. There are also others that I'm going to keep secret until it's released. ;)http://www.mixcloud.com/cmalvarado/christopher-alvarado-whirlpool-realwilliam-spivey-mix/

  3. Licence to work on music AAALLLL DAY LOnnnnG!!!!!

    1. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      Don't forget to push the record button. ;)

    2. Christopher Alvarado

      Christopher Alvarado

      While drinking a stout!...maybe.

    3. Jack Hertz
  4. Keep your eyes out this Thursday!

  5. 2 new releases on their way in the next month! Covers by some very talented women.

  6. Have new album finished. Half with beats/percussion ,half with atmosphere. Dark and calming realm. Any ideas of where 2 go with it?

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