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  1. Hello all, new mix album from the Creation by Inertia work on We Are All Ghosts label. This one is joined by fellow artists and friends Silentport/Lory Fayer, M.Nomized, Delicate Apparatus, Ade Hodges, Symatic Star, William Spivey, Mystified and a bonus track by myself. The art was also manipulated by Sheleah Nahshon. WAAG Back in 27 May 2014 waag release “Creation By Inertia (waag_rel052)” by Christopher Alvarado … an album I consider a remarkable recording and one I was proud to release on weareallghosts. I am extremely grateful to Christopher Alvarado for the opportunity to release “Modified by Inertia (waag_rmx002)”, a series of remixes of tracks from the original album along with a brand new track from Alvarado entitled “An Eternity of Eyes”. The remixes themselves demonstrate the broad church that is our ambient music scene: from Silentport’s Stirring In the Forever mix of “I Can't Take Time” with the infectious vocals of Lory Fayer to the ambience of M.Nomized’s Sankirtana mix of Respiration and the serenity of William Spivey’s Deep Sink mix of whirlpool in Reality; we have a feast of new music. We also have wonderfully unique and creative mixes from some talented musicians - Delicate Apparatus, Ade Hodges, Symatic Star, and Mystified - to feed our ears and inspire our waking hours. This is an album to get lost in, one that works well on it’s own but sounds fantastic when queued with “Creation By Inertia (waag_rel052)” - play the original then the remix, as the mighty Rebekkah Hilgraves did recently on her Stillstream show, and you’ll hear what I mean. I really do hope you will get lost in "Modified By Inertia (waag_rmx002)"!
  2. Hey gang. Need help if possible. My external hard drive with 2 years of work is not delivering data to my mac pro. I can hear it running and my mac recognizes it. Just won't deliver. Message me if you have an idea.

  3. There are still tracks to be played with on Creation By Inertia. I'd love to hear what you can do with it. Here's a track by William Spivey. There are also others that I'm going to keep secret until it's released. ;)http://www.mixcloud.com/cmalvarado/christopher-alvarado-whirlpool-realwilliam-spivey-mix/

  4. Licence to work on music AAALLLL DAY LOnnnnG!!!!!

    1. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      Don't forget to push the record button. ;)

    2. Christopher Alvarado

      Christopher Alvarado

      While drinking a stout!...maybe.

    3. Jack Hertz
  5. My darkest work yet!! Here is a guide through abandoned mental institutions where the insane were used as test subjects. Inspired by Jeff Duke, he takes the plunge off the deep end with Twilight Transmissions into the word of forgotten realms of madness. Images supplied by M.Nomized from his series Murder of a Doll. The cover design and mastering by K.J. Cazier of Void of Realms. Thank you Steven for publishing under Kalpamantra! http://kalpamantra.bandcamp.com/album/temple-of-abandonment
  6. Keep your eyes out this Thursday!

  7. The latest album from Christopher Alvarado is now live on Archive and Bandcamp. This is a belter of a release, if I do say so myself ... soundscapes that incorporate deliciously progressive percussion with sci-fi synths and otherworldly ambience to create trance-like states of reckless abandon. This album is full of truly immersive soundscapes, the type that sound great on a hi-fi or in a quality pair of headphones. This is music to get lost in. Enjoy! WAAG I would personally like tho thank Sheleah Nashon for her art work . Fits the mood perfectly! And Simon Walsh for the layout on the cover. Thomas Park for the over all mastering as well as Thomas Mathie for taking the time to listen and publish this work. http://www.weareallghosts.co.uk/2014/05/presenting-creation-by-inertia.html
  8. 2 new releases on their way in the next month! Covers by some very talented women.

  9. Mystified and I have a new album out on Webbed Hand Records entitled "Megacities". I used his wonderful sounds and noises to create an inner chaotic urban sound. Hope you like it! https://archive.org/details/wh282
  10. Have new album finished. Half with beats/percussion ,half with atmosphere. Dark and calming realm. Any ideas of where 2 go with it?

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