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    Theremini and the Midi enigma

    Theremini.players ! I just discovered that the new updatefirmware has serious bugs ! i recommend you to wait, until Moog has solved the errors, more on what happens when you install it can be read on the moogforum page. i luckily did not install it. so my theremini still works in the factory V1.0.4 mode.
  2. Peter Davidson

    Theremini and the Midi enigma

    Hi Guys, A while back i was thrilled to see the video and announcement of the new Theremin, from Moog. and also by the marketing of USB Midi in and out.. after some time i got it. and was excited to plug it into the computer and control other stuff too. as it is..i´m not programmer or bender or such but i do know what midi is, having used it live also since 1986. but after a lot os squabbling even on the Moog site. here it goes for those who might be interested to know.. The Theremini has USB, only. for Midi CC, and nothing else, plus future update software, so you can send and receive CC messages BUT NO MIDI-NOTE. OK.. for the rest it´s a quite funny machine that requires a steady hand and good ears and knowledge in scales and basically - music.
  3. Peter Davidson

    Theremini and the Midi enigma

    Yes Jack, im aware of the difficulties that may and will occur when triggering a device like this, however. that is one thing. what i did not like was the marketing of something simply not all there. with a full midi in and out, one could do many things.. in the Theremini, there is a full scale setting option. with that one could very easily go from one note to the other, and then have a glissando slightly present.. the option more promising is CV out, and that is there. which is good, for those who work with old synths.
  4. Peter Davidson

    Theremini and the Midi enigma

    Thanks for the reply Jack, anyway i find it quite amuzing regardless it midibility and have done some 3 tracks on SC.