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  1. Natural Causes

    Natural Causes (ep) - Digital Horizons
  2. Topic: Natural Causes (ep) - Digital Horizons

    Become part of the planets community. Put your curtain-twitching skills to good use and join the worlds neighbourhood watch scheme. Four track ep recorded September/November 2016. View full album
  3. Bochica and the Waterfall

    New album download from Digital Horizons. More details on the Digital Horizons Facebook page.
  4. 'Racing Rosetta' by Digital Horizons

    Five track download release from Digital Horizons. Follow the Facebok event at Or take a look at previous DH releases at Enjoy the sounds!
  5. 'The Avian Flew'

    2014 album release from Digital Horizons. Download available from Bandcamp from 11/8/14. Preview track available on Soundcloud now... Enjoy the sounds!
  6. DH Archives Volume Six - The Last Cube In The Box

    For more info on the latest Digital Horizons release go to For more info on previous DH releases go to Enjoy the sounds!