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  1. Bing Satellites - More An album of slow, brooding ambient music. Over 5 hours of music available on a 4 CD pack and download. More details: www.bingsatellites.com/releases/more/ Get the 4 CD pack from bingsatellites.bigcartel.com/product/more 4 CD pack / download available from bingsatellites.bandcamp.com/album/more A massive album of drifting ambient music available on 4 CD package and download. More is an album of music inspired by Manchester, my home town. The city is hectic and noisy and full of every kind of person from around the world. And I live very close to the centre. While it is constantly busy here, I can escape into my light and airy little studio. This album is a product of this great city and that is reflected in the sound - it is drifting and ambient but also gritty and pretty loud in places. There is a reinterpretation of my song Where I Stand (from Nothing For Miles) plus a poem from Robert Matejko aka Robby Baby Dark Poet of Amour (recorded by Karl Hamilton) inspired by my music and a vivid dream Robby once had about The Sun.
  2. Preview / download links: www.bfwrecordings.com/releases/CloserContactMeteer/Geography3 The third collaborative (studio) album from Magnus Larsson and Björn Asserhed. This is abstract ambient music in its purest form: the sound is quiet and atmospheric but organically electronic. It is almost as if the music is floating on the wind or through the ether on a shortwave radio. This is another wonderful album from Magnus and Björn. We should have another live album from these two very soon. soundcloud.com/closercontact soundcloud.com/meteer
  3. An album of quiet songs performed on piano, ebow, synths and android phone using a couple of different looping systems. Available now on gatefold CD. Download available from Monday 21 April 2014. Listen / more details: www.bingsatellites.com/releases/ofthesevenseas These songs are in part inspired by Tristan Da Cunha, the most remote inhabited island in the world. It can only be reached by a seven day boat journey. I find the idea of peace and quiet and isolation appealing but this place goes beyond anything you can imagine - a tiny volcanic island thousands of miles from anything... anything! The first five songs were recorded for Album In A Day volume 8 and indeed, versions of the first three tracks appeared on that album. Some other tracks were originally intended to be released on a Soothing Images album but many of those recordings were plundered for other projects. The ones included here seemed to fit quite well with the atmosphere I wanted. While the people of Tristan Da Cunha in some ways lead an idyllic life, they must work hard and be very self-reliant. They are at the mercy of nature - occasional extreme weather, illness and living on a volcano. I find it fascinating.
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