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  1. manivoc

    Quiet Mutations

    ‘Quiet Mutations’ is a collaborative release between 8 musicians. The album consists of remixes and reworks from Phoenix’s debut album ‘Godspeed Phuong’. It includes a new track from Phoenix ‘Quiet Mutations’. Although each musician has its own brand of ambient, the tracks blend very well into an album.
  2. manivoc

    Phoenix York - Godspeed Phuong

    Godspeed Phuong (BSRPY201401) is a bold set of ambient pieces that ranges from moody atmospherics, not far from post-rock at times to a space set between ambient and proto-orchestral. The songs reflect more the urban angst or a satellite in perdition then the countryside settings in which the songs were composed. Phoenix spent 4 months in his studio, located in the eastern townships of Quebec (Canada), crafting the sonic basis of what would become Godspeed Phuong.