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    Roland MC-202

    Take my rating with a grain of salt, as I am not a gear-head, not a synth player, and have little experience with other equipment. The MC202 is my main and only synth, used as auxiliary to my primary instrument, bass thru fx. Actually, working with this instrument over the past 15 years has taught me a lot about synthesis. Decent sounds, decent responsiveness, decent controls. More about sounds than about playing. Very useful programming and cycling. In my opinion, and in my practice, you really need to have this running into a delay pedal. This allows 2 things: -- capturing a phrase into a fairly short loop -- with the cycled playing of programmed phrases, the delay X speed of the programmed cycled part provides an Ozric-y arppeggiator where melodies synch up and produce accidental harmonies in time, either on top of itself or interwoven. This allows knob-twiddlin' and slider-play of the programmed melody arp. (Sorry if these words are meaningless and non-technical, but as I say, I'm a synth outsider. )
  2. Well, I'd say that there are lots of labels that might pretend to be drum n bass, but end up being more 4-on-the-floor techno... I will keep you in mind while I search... j
  3. I used to follow a number of netlabels that were consistently amazing... But then they all sort of faded. There are some still... Dusted Wax Kingdom is amazing trip-hop/acid-jazz/dub. Archaic Horizon was great analogue ambient... but doesn't release much anymore. Most netlabels I come across are harsh noise, anymore. Meh... But slowly I'm repopulating my list of go-to netlabels.
  4. Let's see if I can make this house into a home... :)

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