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  1. DSP kicks off in style with this magnificent piece by Mister Vapor, a.k.a. Thomas Park a.k.a. Mystified - a talented and prolific artist who needs no introduction. "For Those Who Take the Time" is as immersive as it is chilled, driven by tasteful electronic beats and underpinned by Thomas' penchant for developing and sustaining moods. For more information on Mister Vapor, visit mystifiedmusic.com Track Listing: For Those Who Take the Time (12:37) Download Links: Bandcamp (Various formats - Name your price) Internet Archive (Free MP3) Credits: Music and Artwork by Mister Vapor (Thomas Park)
  2. A longform piece with quite a lot of contrast, returning to the “isolation” theme of The Lake by echoing the inner thoughts of someone who has disconnected themselves from society, either by choice or by force. It’s also my longest release to date, clocking in at a fraction over one hour. No paulstretch It'll be available as a name-your-price download from Bandcamp, plus a free MP3 on the Internet Archive.
  3. Inspired by the album of the same name by Mike Oldfield (as well as a love of science fiction), one of the few books I've read more than once is Arthur C. Clarke's "The Songs of Distant Earth". Naturally, I couldn't help wanting to make some music based on the book, but wanted to distance it as far as possible from Oldfield's. Hence why it takes some of the techniques and theories I use to create ambient music, and turns it into a space/sci-fi epic with a little Berlin School thrown in. The first track depicts the departure of the spaceship "Magellan", carrying a colony of the last surviving Terrans away from Earth, which is soon to be destroyed by the Sun's premature supernova. Their destination is an ice planet called Sagan 2, which will take the Magellan over 500 years to reach. As such, the surviving Terrans are all in a huge chamber called the "Hibernaculum" (Track 2) where they remain frozen and motionless throughout their journey. It'll be available as a free/name your price download from my Bandcamp page, http://simonslator.bandcamp.com, from 16th August.
  4. A week ago, the fate of this piece was unknown. In late April 2014, I was made aware of a piece of software called "Paulstretch", and really liked what it did with one of my older pieces called "Piano in the Rain" - the resulting Paulstretched version was released on Webbed Hand Records later that month. When making Ambient music, I like my pieces to have a beginning, a middle and an end - there's always some kind of progression; so around the same time, I hit upon the idea of developing a piece of music in miniature, letting Paulstretch expand it into something longform, and let serendipity do the rest. Although it's been revised several times, what you have here is my first attempt. Compared to my recent longform releases, "Freiheit" covers more ground harmonically, but the progressions are slow and fuzzy. It's drifting rather than making defined steps; however I found it quite nice just to sit and chill to. And so I decided to give it a low-key release after all. The title, the German word for "freedom", I thought best described the way the piece transitions from the rather ghostly nothingness into an array of lush, warm harmonics. It mirrors the internal battles I'd had going on in my head at the time. It's available as a free/pay-if-you-want-to download from my bandcamp site: http://simonslator.bandcamp.com/album/freiheit For all my other releases on various netlabels, you can visit my website at: www.simonslator.co.uk
  5. Aural Films is happy to release the new album "Forward" by Simon Slater. Inspired by the journeys by Roald Amundsen across the stark terrains of Antarctica. Listen to this this long-form work that fills the room with ambient waves and swelling ice forms as Slater takes us on along with the first successful expedition to the geographic South Pole. http://auralfilms.bandcamp.com/album/forward
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