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  1. this is just too awesome!!! you need to record extensive sessions and share them with us!!!
  2. Nice! Here comes a rather meditative patch Life in a bottle.pch2
  3. cool will have to get these once i get the fm8
  4. well, could we have a subfolder under synthesizers? so that it is not just a topic, but a folder that can contain topics, not unlike this topic it could be called "The Patch Page"
  5. I like this idea, even if there are numerous other sites that does this already. I am more likely to check out/enjoy patches made by people in a situation I feel at home with, than to go to "FREE PATCHES OMG AWSUM!!!!.com"... bare in mind I am being a bit silly now... all that said, I would like to see a patch-share subforum with different synth/software/midi subforums
  6. Nice! Anyone on OSX too by using wine software http://www.winehq.org/
  7. Hello. So I figured it might be fun to share Modular patches with one'n other. Preferably made up of modules available in the demo version... or otherwise stated I have a few bits to start with. Enjoy! Patch me up buttercup.pch2 Maxed out.pch2 VoxVille.pch2
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