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  1. http://www.thetremensarchives.com Songwriter and sound engineer, Gilles Deles is the co-founder of We are unique, a french label based in the south of France. Water belongs to the night is the « dark side » of his musical work. After Broken words and lost answers, Fragments of free, it’s his most achieved album based on loops, drones, glitches, all done with electric guitar, without laptop, through the scope of improvisation. The atmosphere sometimes reminds one of Fred Frith, Lee Ranaldo solo instrumental works, or the refinement of Rafael Toral first period (Wave Field, Violence of discovery calm of acceptance). The aim of this project is also to share the work of the Tremens archives initiated 3 years ago. Information about this musical subdivision can be found in the inside booklet, and on the website. We’ve carefully explained our ethic about what is usually called experimental music on our website. At this point, we prefer to let music and sound speak to you.
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