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Eternal music lover, I sang in my formative years, but never had the chance to learn an instrument by being taught.  So, I started doing a combo of playing by ear and painfully slow sight reading on piano.  Life overtook my fledgling "music studies" by means of my first marriage and four attendant children.  28 years and one divorce later, I live half a world away from that beginning, and have the freedom to experiment; not with physical instruments as I once did, but with Virtual Studio Instruments and digital technology of a type I never dreamed would exist.


My "music" tends to be strange, and compelling.  I create "Hypnotic Soundscapes" in the true sense of the term; listeners get lost in a soundscape for hours at a time, and are surprised at how much time has passed when they awaken at the end of the piece.


Well, what else would you expect from a hypnotist of nearly half a century's experience?

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