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    releasing my negative thoughts and welcoming all positive thought processes in. releasing my need to be clever. learning to sit with my fear. oh, and music. learning to open myself more fully to the music that exists in the universe.

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  1. This is actually a mix of symphonic and ambient music. This is the tip of the iceberg. 12 recent (as of 2019-05-25) pieces out of 714 (141:13:36 hhh:mm:ss). I am happy to support our host, Jack Hertz in his open-minded and open heart collection of pieces and I hope that folks get at least some part of the joy that the music brings me. Please note: These pieces are spread out over a few albums, so it might be easiest to go to the pieces page (https://danielrobertlahey.com/pieces.php) or to use the "search" drop-down on the home page to locate pieces.
  2. This probably sounds arrogant or solipsistic but I find almost all of my music at the keyboard. There is little that stirs me besides the music that comes to me and the symphonic and chamber repertoire. Bach, Bach, more Bach, Dvorak, and Sibelius are the ones who most inspire me.
  3. This is a collection of some of the pieces that I would classify as consoling in both intent and execution.
  4. As you may have guessed, this album is dominated by orchestral strings (though for most of the pieces I used a gorgeous string patch from the Virus TI2 synth, "Cremoma HS.") I've been moving toward using orchestral virtual instruments and away from synth patches and am working toward writing a symphony...some day. I have loved orchestral strings for as long as I remember.
  5. Cool, man. I will do so once I figure out which pieces are going where.
  6. I notice that the "Classical/Symphonic" (THANK YOU FOR MAKING THAT DISTINCTION!!!! Just because an orchestra or orchestral instruments is/are used DOES NOT make it classical) has 0 pieces in it. Can I or should I contribute some pieces? I have a few unpublished pieces loafing around that I could get off the street.
  7. I and Rebekkah, host of At Water's Edge on Stillstream.com seem to have tapped into the same stream of consciousness, as she titled one of her shows "weather or not." coincidentally (?), i used that same title for one of my albums. i am tickled some garish but manly color to invite you all to listen in. instructions can be found at stillstream.com->Listen. ok, here's the good part: proceeds from this music and all of the music i've posted to bandcamp (http://danielrobertlahey.bandcamp.com/music) will go in their entirety to Earthship Seattle (earthshipseattle.org), an extension of Earthship Biotecture (earthship.org) in Taos, NM. (where entirety is defined as after bandcamp gets its pound of flesh) my son and his mother have the honor of hosting a demonstration site right in their driveway in Seattle. i have witnessed it and participated a bit in it, and it is...something wonderful. people taking garbage and putting it to good, sustainable use. (it's not as gross as it sounds, trust me) the cost of materials is staggering: $0 however, there are plenty of other needs that require money (Starbuck's, bus fares a hot shower after an arduous day of building earthships, etc., etc.) so this is where your donations will go. this feeling? it is not like pride. at all. it is gratitude for the privilege of using the music i've stumbled upon for something so very important and uplifting.
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