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  1. Couldn't figure out how to leave a comment for the interview with Andrew Lockington, so I'll put it here.

    While reading this, I realized I've not seen any of the films Mr. Lockington has been part of - I have no audible reference for any of his work. That will have to change (probably with "The Space Between Us"). All my life, I've enjoyed make "musical noise" with "unusual" sources - his approach to sound creation and discovering ways to use those sounds strikes close to home. This is a superb interview - from both parties. Thank you, very much, for it.

  2. The second (and longer) of the two EPs we released in 2016. Experimental atmospheres with dark soundscapes and a bit of spoken word. The basic tracks were improvised in Worcester, MA July 2014. Additional recording, mixing, etc. took place in (mostly) Colorado and (possibly) California - maybe somewhere else, too (apology - I didn't keep very good track of where I've done what over the last three years). Keyboard and wind synthesizers; voice; baritone guitar; field recording.
  3. Hyperborea is the Tangerine Dream album I play more than any other - even more than Phaedra or Rubycon. The mix of Berlin School and rock structure hits me perfectly every time.
  4. I love mine (red) although I rarely play it anymore. Maybe I should sell it. Seems a waste to cart it all over the place if it isn't likely to get played.
  5. I like Bandcamp, which I don't consider a Record Store, a Streaming Service, or Social Media - but I do wish it had a means for interaction between artists and fans.
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