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  1. Ode 2 AEM 2

    "Ode To AEM" is originally a 39 minute Dark Ambient piece, which Christian Fiesel had begun to work at at the end of 2012 as an experiment. The basic material comes from a speech recording by Angela Merkel about the financial Greek crisis. In the course of various extractions, Tempo changes and hall scatterings, a gloomy one emerged A mixture of sounds, which can be heard at the beginning of the play. This initial composition was treated with various samples and keyboardlayers Each time the original material met again with a new composition. In the end there were seven different parts, which were mixed together, and the track "Ode To AEM" was offered as a free download on 20.03.2013 on Spheredelic, the Kieler Avantgarde netlabel. In the year 2017, Fiesel would collaborate with the exceptional electronic musician Hagen von Bergen from the Hunsrück on various joint ventures such as "Sperrgut". During the exchange Hagen von Bergen found this piece and had the idea, to rehaul the whole track with his own news samples and ideas completely. In summer2017, a kind of "remix" or "new edition" emerged in a completely new costume, Longer, more impressive, more adventurous. This exciting new edition is now available here "Ode 2 AM 2" (Christian Fiesel)
  2. Signals For Fire

    „Signals For Fire“ is his most current creation. A compilation of electronic moods, small brainstorms and bizarre gimmicks with sounds/noises. A kind of musical dairy which was orignally conceived by Hans-Joachim Roedelius, whom he´d like to dedicate this album, besides some of his other big role models
  3. At the third release, of the give away marathon, in December, comes the album „Construction Time On Lunar Landscape“ and the videoclip, with the eponymous titel, by Christian Fiesel. The Album is Christian Fiesel´s first and only dark ambient album. He loves the darkness and depth of this music. Endless layers of samples, temporal distortion and the huge rooms of echoes.
  4. Smile With An Ambience

    This week will be released the album „Smile With An Ambience“ and a videoclip, for the track „Empty Room“ by Christian Fiesel. The video was produced again by the video artists „Where Death Is Most Alive“, from Greece. „Smile With An Ambience“ always planned as a complete ambient record. Miniatures made from time running backwards. During the recording sessions things shifted more and more from dark plains to pulsating fix stars of melodies, sending out from the distance. Also here you can notice Christian Fiesel´s compassion for space and its audible possibilties.
  5. After The Flood

    At the third annviversary of Spheredelic there comes in December four releases by Christian Fiesel. In this week will be released the album „After The Flood“. „After The Flood“ is a classical electronic records, with synthesizers and sequencers. A reminiscence to the high times of german electronic music of the 70ties. Most stricking to Christian, is the massive stake of rhythm and dynamic. For Christian Fiesel is and was „After The Flood“ always a soundtrack to science fiction movies. Additional to the album, was produced a impressionistic videoclip, for the track „After The Flood (Part 1 Silent Surface)“.
  6. Ode To AEM

    "Ode To AEM". Spheredelic presents a exclusive publication by experimental musician Chirstian Fiesel, titled "Ode To Aem". Christian Fiesel is an ambient / electronic musician from Trittau, who has about 14 years on the road with a variety of sound material in all possible sectors of electronic music. The present composition stands more for musique concrete / Soundscaping and in it`s design work it is influenced by Asmus Tietchen´s. "Ode To AEM" is a 39-minute dark ambient track that Christian Fiesel started end of 2012 as an experiment. The base material comes from a voice recording of Angela Merkel about Greek crisis. In the course of various extractions, tempo changes and variations Hall, emerged a somber tone mixture, which can be heard at the beginning of the track. These early composition Christian Fiesel progressed with various samples and keyboard layers. Every time the original material was again opposed by a new composition. The track emerged into seven sections, which were mixed together at the end. Who wants to know how the whole thing sounds, "Ode To AEM" by Christian Fiesel can be downloaded for free. We wish you much fun with the experimental sound mixture of Christian Fiesel.
  7. Sperrgut

    End of 2016, shortly before the release of the two double albums "The Continuous River" and "Hagen's Delight" had both Musicians Hagen von Bergen and Christian Fiesel come up with the idea To design a JOINT project. Starting point were numerous samples, the Hagen predominantly had taken on air travel but also in the domestic context and the two musicians process according to their own taste and into one should make musical context. # The music is full of breaks, full of samples (especially from the flight area) and is a trip via headphones, hence the title. The result are two long pieces of the Hunsrück school, the brushed against many common EM stereotypes and also a kind musical bridge between the two double albums should be.
  8. Northern Rain

    It’s about those heavy rain in my hometown up north. After thunderstrikes, the birds and all of natures sound return. And rain continued. It followed me through my sleep. Voices came out of it, when I did my treatments, and the longer I reworked it with some electronics, it seemed to me, rain has its own voice, accompanied by my old analogue synthesizers
  9. Mechanic Falls

    The two pieces of "Mechanic Falls" are part of a series working with the epic sound of voices. There's is hardly anything more touching by the sound of human voices, even if generated artificially. Furthermore, this record contains to part of a journey through a world of darkness and lights, all reflected on the shelf of metal surface. The reflections are made audible and by the refraction of sound a deeper story of perception and feeling has been tried to evolve.
  10. The Forest

    Dark Ambient meets Berlin School. With tons of Mellotron sounds and drone
  11. Better Living With E

    "Better Living With E" is little Sunday noon (German time) get together listening to some recent and classic electronic music, mostly from Germany and US. You will find us on www.modul303.com