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  1. Brand new release by Sequential Dreams, including a few tracks by yours truly! With Finland's Johan Tronestam, Austria's Celestial View, Canada's Kuutana, and California's Synthesist. To listen and download Official Sequential Dreams website
  2. The Roboter

    At Water's Edge

    The RadHaus Edition (With Rebekkah Hilgraves as narrator) of "The Motoko Files: Cyber Prophecy" by The Roboter will premiere on this show. http://encyclotronic.com/calendar/event/134-the-motoko-files-cyber-prophecy-radhaus-edition/
  3. Released Today- Rebekkah Hilgraves ( At Waters Edge radio program ) has recorded a special "RadHaus" audiobook edition narration of The Motoko Files for her upcoming "Story Time" special show this Saturday! Rebekkah works in the voice-acting field (amongst other artistic endeavors), and we decided to celebrate the weekend event by producing a special edition album available now (day of the radio show). You will be able to hear the full story online on Rebekkah's show this Saturday. The album edition is the non-abridged version with the full music score of the album (combined with voice-narration). Proceeds from sales will partially go towards helping Rebekkah's RadHaus project, so if you wanted to contribute, now's the time! To join the show or more information for the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/732736893428037/ Album Page: https://bordersedge.bandcamp.com/
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