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  1. MONOS CV from Hikari Instruments is a standalone instrument based around the dynamic interplay of a pitched noise generator and an oscillating low-pass filter. MONOS CV is an excellent effect processor as well as a source of drones, resonant pings, chaotic sound effects, and more. Internal frequency dividers simultaneously offer six pitch variations of the noise generator’s base frequency, while the filter features two resonant modes: L (long), and S (short). The diverse sonic palette of the instrument can be accessed via intuitively changing positions of the sliders that control the parameters of the synthesizer. The CV version of the instrument features control voltage inputs for noise pitch, filter frequency, as well as dedicated audio input allowing for processing of external sound sources. Under modulation, the instrument outputs a variety of animated sequences, ranging from mildly melodic patterns to outrageously chaotic textures.
  2. "Record sales were poor and it was not unusual for the band to be pelted with rotten fruit and vegetables at gigs."



  3. It never gets old...


  4. Jack Hertz

    Astronauts 1 by Christian Fiesel

    The exploration of the Universe has been a great inspiration for electronic music artists from the beginning of the Space-Age into the present. Aural Films is commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing with a new on-going series featuring collections by Space Music artists from around the world. Volume 1 begins with a fine collection of music from German Electronic Music artist, Christian Fiesel. Read more about what he has to say about Space and Music in the Questions and Answers.
  5. Showdown between two new wild hybrid synths. Who you gonna call?


  6. Jack Hertz

    Swinging From Loose Hinges

    Excellent! As always. Mr Lizard 🤴
  7. Previously published tracks are welcome.
  8. Acousmatique Recordings presents the "Pierre Schaeffer Birthday Compilation" project. We are asking artists to share their new or previously composed dedication to the French composer, writer, broadcaster, engineer, musicologist and acoustician. This project is open to all ideas. Interpretations, dedications, inspirations, and whatever you want to do that is some how musique concrète related. Everyone is welcome to participate. The is deadline to submit your track is August 11, 2019. One track per artist please, except for collaborations. The track should be original and cannot contain any Copyrighted material not owned by the artist. All tracks will be published under the artist's own Copyright. Files must be submitted in AIFF, FLACT, or WAV file format not to exceed 300 MB. Please, email your unpublished track along with the artist name, track title, artist site URL, country, and file download URL (no attachments) to s4grecs@gmail.com The "Pierre Schaeffer Birthday Compilation" album will be released on Pierre Schaeffer's birthday Monday August 19, 2019. About Pierre Schaeffer Pierre Henri Marie Schaeffer (August 14, 1910 – August, 19 1995) was a French composer, writer, broadcaster, engineer, musicologist and acoustician. His innovative work in both the sciences—particularly communications and acoustics—and the various arts of music, literature and radio presentation after the end of World War II, as well as his anti-nuclear activism and cultural criticism garnered him widespread recognition in his lifetime. Amongst the vast range of works and projects he undertook, Schaeffer is most widely and currently recognized for his accomplishments in electronic and experimental music, at the core of which stands his role as the chief developer of a unique and early form of avant-garde music known as musique concrète. The genre emerged in Europe from the utilization of new music technology developed in the post-war era, following the advance of electroacoustic and acousmatic music. Read more about Pierre Schaeffer here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Schaeffer
  9. Jack Hertz

    Perpetual Motions by Jack Hertz

    Acousmatique Recordings presents a new collection of generative works by Jack Hertz
  10. Jack Hertz

    Galaxie Cygnus-A by Robert Schröder

    On the occasion of the world known ARS-Electronica (Linz / Austria) the LP GALAXY CYGNUS A was produced and published in 1982. GALAXY CYGNUS A was also the title of a multi-media show, an optical-acoustic event with look into the space, which Robert Schroeder had performed for the first time together with a German SF-author in 1982 on the ARS-Electronica in Linz (with TV shows in Austria and the FRG). GALAXY CYGNUS A is an interpretation and composition to the "noises" of the radiogalaxy of the same name in the sign of the zodiac swan. The white noises of these 1.05 milliard light years distant radio-galaxy was received with the worldwide biggest movable radio telescope (Effelsberg / Eifel /FRG) and was taped. For Schroeder this was the first project abroad. With the biggest movable radio telescope in mountain Effelsberg/ Eifel/ FRG space sounds of the 1.05 milliard light years of distant radio-galaxies from the sign of the zodiac swan were received. They served as a base and inspiration for Schroeder galactical work … traditional electronic music of the finest kind. The LP Galaxy Cygnus A became in 26.Sept.1982 on the occasion of the ARSElectronica in Linz Austria performed for the first time (with TV transference in Austria and the FRG and a special broadcasting of the TV broadcasting "aspecte").
  11. Jack Hertz

    Dubreq Stylophone S-1 Pocket Synthesizer

    What is a Stylophone?” you ask. The original Stylophone pocket synthesizer was invented in 1967 by Brian Jarvis and manufactured by Dubreq from 1968 to 1975 as Stylophone, the original pocket electronic organ. Over three million original Stylophone synthesizers were produced and sold before the company ceased production. Today’s Stylophone reissue was introduced by the inventor’s son, Ben Jarvis and is manufactured by Dubreq, Ltd. The reissue retains all of the original features but with up-to-date technology. The current Stylophone retro pocket synth is a modern, portable synthesizer with a hit-filled past and present. The Stylophone’s unique sound has featured on numerous hit records. How many single instruments, manufactured by one company, can claim a list of artists who have played it that includes David Bowie, Queen, Rick Wakeman, Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Orbital, Marilyn Manson, Gotye, The Beatles, The White Stripes, Vince Clarke, and hundreds more? Check out this StylophoneYouTube gallery showcasing Stylophone music by a number of famous artists. A piece of history in the palm of your hand. Dubreq’s Stylophone is an iconic and extremely popular keyboard instrument that was a lot of musicians first foray into simple synthesis. The classic look of the retro design and chromed speaker grille returns with this true to form reissue of the original. When the nickel-plated keyboard and the stylus connect it completes the circuit and make the distinct ‘buzz’ sound which made the stylophone famous. The S1 features a vibrato function and three truly retro voices: Bass, Classic, and Treble. All providing their own feel and sound. There are line outs and line ins so there are plenty of connectivity options. With new technology bringing it up to date - the Stylophone is as fun as it was in 1967. Features + Classic retro design with chromed grille + Nickel-plated keyboard played with brass-tipped stylus + Vibrato function + Line-in and headphone sockets (3.5mm jack) + 3 voices, bass, classic and treble + Built-in stylus + Built-in Speaker + Vibrato Switch + Volume Control + Tone Switch + Tuning Control + MP3 Input (3.5mm) + Line Out (3.5mm) + 3.5mm Cable Inc
  12. DUBREQ launch the Stylophone Gen R-8, a brand NEW Touch Analog Synthesizer, designed and manufactured in Britain. Packed with features of much larger and more expensive instruments. + Full analog signal path + Steel enclosure + Dual VCOs with Saw, Square and PWM (oscillator 1) + Sub oscillators and Subsub oscillators for room shaking bass + Unique British design 12dB VCF with Low pass, High pass, Band pass and wide Notch + Fast and punchy envelope + Supersensitive 3-octave TOUCH keyboard + Glide and Modulation keys for expressive performance control + 8 waveform LFO with S&H and One-shot feature + 19 CV/Gate patch points for advanced modular patching + Grungy analog style Delay with modulation CV + Drive knob for extra boost and fatness + 16-step sequencer with 8 banks and on-the-fly switching + MIDI in/out
  13. All compositions by Hugh Le Caine processed in The Canadian Electronic Ensemble's studio. Published in co-operation with the Hugh Le Caine Project. Contains tracks demonstrating the Electronic Sackbut, the first voltage-controlled synthesizer.