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  1. I bought this on a whim to investigate Korg's Wavedrum technology. What I thought would be a little better than a toy turned out to be a wonderful little percussion instrument. Don't be fooled by the lack of bells and whistles. The pad feels good and quite responsive once you get used to it. The sounds are where it really shines. The clip-on trigger was a feature I didn't know it had. What seems like an iffy idea, works very well. Being able to trigger things with your leg or from a table top is really handy, and FUN! I also came to appreciate how the recording mode works. It is literally a mini-looper in there. No sequencer means you can freely overdub as many sounds as you like. This little device is so fun and easy to use. I could not put it down and ended up using it for most of the percussion on the MASKS album.


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