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  1. The inner-workings of an E-Madman! 

    Klaus Schulze on Composing - http://www.muzines.co.uk/articles/klaus-schulze-on-composing/5918



  2. Here are 5 generative remixes of the original tracks from Jack Hertz and Mystified (2015 Aural Films). The remixes use sounds from all of the tracks on the album, for each remix. Thomas used two original Python codes to do this.


  3. This album is dedicated to that giant leap that continues to reach for the future with new initiatives to build bases on the Moon, send manned missions to Mars, and beyond. Available now - https://auralfilms.bandcamp.com/album/back-to-the-moon-1


  4. IDK what's the stranger, the Soma Pipe or the people playing it?


  5. "Record sales were poor and it was not unusual for the band to be pelted with rotten fruit and vegetables at gigs."



  6. It never gets old...


  7. Showdown between two new wild hybrid synths. Who you gonna call?


  8. There is a MIDI add-on kit for the Korg Volka Modular synth. 


    1. Ian Craig

      Ian Craig

      Nice video. 

      (my keystep is only boring white ? ?)

  9. Books + Music = ?


  10. Hey hey hey, get ready for Y2K Looping Festival!

    Come to Santa Cruz, CA for the 18th annual Y2K Live Looping Festival this October 26 - October 28, 2018. Tickets at: https://y2kloopfest.com


  11. Mark your calendars for the KRELL MUSIC album featuring new music from more than 25 artists. Available October 29th, just in time for Halloween!


  12. The Krell Comp is DONE! Thanks to everyone who contributed. It is quite a stellar collection of more than two dozen tracks! Stay tuned for the release on Monday, October 29th.




  13. I keep hearing this "All you need is a..." line about the hottest new synths. The DSI Prophet X, Yamaha MODX, Teenage Engineering OP-Z, and even the Moog One all have Multi-timbres, sequencing and effects. 20+ years ago they called these things WORKSTATIONS! 



  14. A real beauty. I wonder if it wobbles when you play the very high and low notes? ?



  15. Moby's selling his drum machine collection. ?


    1. CIIIGoff


      Of course "is part of the private collection of Moby" is calculated into the price somehow, but 'twould be interesting to actually see and hear this collection in person -- quite a museum of unique items.  I think all of us who've been around for a while own something that was owned by someone whom is known for his or her commercial successes.  (did I get that grammar right?)  I've got a couple of fancy digital delays that once made Joe Satriani's guitars go ZZINNNNNNNG!  And, a distrotion pedal that got the rhythms of White Punks On Dope ka-chunking in the hands of Bill Spooner too...  What amazes me is how many of Moby's ancient devices that are non-functional have actually been sold.  Are there still really that many people out there who are capable of repairing such things, or are these purchases only for showing off as antiques??????  Thanks for sharing, Jack!



    2. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      Hahah, I have some celebrity gears too. I thought the prices were pretty fair, considering. And I too noted many of them were dysfunctional. Believe it or not, you can still find people to fix those relics. For a price, what else.

  16. Keep your eye on the ball...


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