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    1. CIIIGoff


      Hmmm... this is interesting.  I see that Mystified has accomplished this feat too...  I note that this is an actual "archive.org" site, which means the archive hosts this unique mixing spot, right?   This sort of thing is definitely outside of my archive awareness, thanks for doing it and for bringing it to my attention.  I'm sure I will mess with your sounds as the month progresses, and perhaps even learn the secret of this sort of post as my curiosity unfolds.  Once again, Encyclotronic has taught me a lesson!  Keep up the good work JH.

    2. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      Indeed, I was a bit surprised to find they would source the .html as a page alone. Thanks to HTML5, we can have some fun. Feel free to grab the player.html and hack it up for your own needs. I am interested to see what comes from all this. I left off any instructions on purpose. 

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