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  1. Topic: Embed Test Article

    Embed Test Article View full article
  2. Fusebox

    Analogue Solutions Fusebox and Patternator Synthesizer
  3. Mr. Hyde

    Analogue Solutions Mr. Hyde
  4. Classic

    Access Virus Classic
  5. Virus TI2 Polar

    Access Virus TI2 Polar Synthesizer Keyboard
  6. Virus TI2 Keyboard

    Access Virus TI2 Keyboard Virtual Analog Synthesizer
  7. AirSynth

    Alesis AirSynth Synthesizer
  8. Taalmala PT-24

    Radel Systems TAALMALA PT-24 Electronic Tabla Analog Indian Drum Machine
  9. Topic: Taalmala PT-24

    What looks like a table radio, is really a sophisticated pattern generated that can reproduce many Indian traditional tabla rhythms (Taals) and time signatures for musicians to practice along with. The preset beats include two variations for each of the 11 Taals in varying time signatures. Controls for tempo, pitch, balance and volume are available via knobs. There is also a red led that blinks on first beat at tempo. View full drum machine
  10. triode

    Meeblip triode Open Source Synthesizer

    Percussa SYNTHOR Digital Modular Synthesizer
  12. Deckard's Dream

    Deckard's Dream 8-Voice Analogue Synthesizer
  13. Stereo Field

    Landscape Stereo Field Touch Synthesizer
  14. TORAIZ AS-1

    Pioneer TORAIZ AS-1 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer
  15. microKORG Platinum Limited Edition

    Korg microKORG Platinum Limited Edition
  16. Topic: microKORG Platinum Limited Edition

    A bright new color appears for 15th anniversary of microKORG. It has been fifteen years since microKORG’s release in 2002, and now in 2017, a 15th anniversary platinum-color model is now available. The stylish operating panel features a bright color scheme unified by accents such as black wood panels at left and right, making it an exciting color variation model new to the microKORG. View full synthesizer
  17. Dominion 1

    MFB Dominion 1 Monophonic Analogue Synthesizer
  18. C-16 CUP NOODLE

    NISSIN C-16 CUP NOODLE Digital Synthesizer Keytar
  19. Topic: C-16 CUP NOODLE

    The NISSIN C-16 CUP NOODLE Digital Synthesizer is a special Keytar edition of CASIO SK-1 sampler made in very limited quantity as novelty prize in Japan only. The special edition is colored black with the addition of a hand grip, shoulder strap and CUP NOODLE, DIGITAL SYNTHESIZER Logo. Otherwise, this keyboard is the same as the CASIO SK-1 digital sampling keyboard. View full synthesizer
  20. Magnetic Insectarium

    Folktek Magnetic Insectarium Noise Synthesizer
  21. Topic: Magnetic Insectarium

    Folktek magnetic insectarium is great for making bizarre noises! This isn't a normal Synthesizer so please know what you are getting into. It works. Some combinations of patching don't seem to make audible changes and some are drastic. Not a normal Synthesizer, I can't stress it enough. View full synthesizer
  22. Computer Play Organ

    Emenee Computer Play Organ
  23. Topic: Computer Play Organ

    Emenee Computer Play Organ - RARE Vintage Synthesizer Electric Portable Keyboard. View full synthesizer
  24. aNamoNo Xmini

    Gotherman's aNamoNo Xmini - Mini Modular Synthesizer
  25. The Electric Lucifer

    The Electric Lucifer - Bruce Haack