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  1. This documentary is a brisk overview of Bruce Haak's music career. Relying mostly on interviews and personal accounts from colleges, friends, and fans. It is filled with stories about his many innovative accomplishments, performances, as well as some of his downturns. Are informative of Haak's life, as a person. However, for an electronic music pioneer. It was disappointing to find little focus on the technical side of his work. His most important contributions to music composition, production, and electronic instruments are hardly looked at in this film

  2. As an unofficial documentary, this film lacks the kind of first hand accounts I would prefer to see. What it lacks in celebrity accounts. It does make up for with a lot of historical details of ENO's early years. From his Art School days to Roxy and finally off on his own. I would have liked to see more focus on the music than ENO, the personality. Still worth seeing for fans of ENO's early band years featuring albums "Here Come the Warm Jets" and "Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy". 

  3. This is a wonderful documentary that tells the amazing story of Leon Theremin and his many inventions. Weaving together interviews with some of closest friends, admirers, and Leon himself. There are moments of brilliance, hilarity, and love for the theremin that make it a must see for any electronic music fan. 

  4. The best look at origins of the EMS company you will find because it is told by the founders themselves. I had no idea it was just 3 people who developed so many sophisticated ideas in the late 60s. Like many innovative companies, the story of EMS was spectacular and tragic. Often overlooked, these guys were every bit as innovative as ARP, Moog and even Buchla.

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