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  1. JOUÉ: MIDI Controller - Expressive, Modular, Afforable!

    Looks very interesting. How much did you pay for this? I'm also trying to work out if you can use it without the modules, as a very fine Haken Continuum type instrument, fingers directly on the surface.
  2. NAMM 2017: Korg Announces MS-20 mini Monotone Limited Edition

    They should have reversed the keys, that would have looked spectacular with the black sides.
  3. The Democratisation of Music

    Thanks! Listening now...
  4. The Democratisation of Music

    Funny, I came across this article from 1987 about how technology is giving more people the opportunity to record their own music. If only he knew what was coming! I think that these days almost all of the interesting music is happening outside of the now "Old School" music industry. There is no doubt in my mind that making the technology available to the masses has opened up a slow revolution still in motion for the curious listener. There is now a whole universe of sounds and musics to explore where you can listen your whole life to new material without ever returning to something you have heard before. Unless you want to, of course. It's like having access to all the campfires in the history of human kind, listening to the stories and songs that we repeat to each other. After all, that's where music started out, amongst the people, and that is where it still belongs.
  5. Metamorpha

    Brilliant video! Solaris is probably my all time favourite sci-fi novel. This is a nice homage to it.
  6. Rob Sol aka Muied Lumens

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys.
  7. Ableton Live

    I'm still quite happy with Reaper. Haven't had any problems with plugins but I don't use that many, mainly a couple of Valhalla plugs and some free ones. I just updated in fact, or re-bought it because it handles video as well in version 5. Quite nice to be able to edit video in an environment that I know. Ableton Live with Max looks like a dream environment though... If I started out from scratch, that would be something I'd seriously think about. Maybe some day.
  8. Topic: Capybara 320

    Depends on the expansions. A fully expanded Capy 360 has more horsepower than a Paca. They can't run the latest Kyma 7 software, but are still incredibly deep.
  9. Capybara-66

    Symbolic Sound Corporation Capybara-66
  10. Topic: Capybara-66

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  11. Capybara 320

    Symbolic Sound Corporation Capybara 320
  12. Topic: Capybara 320

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  13. Paca

    Symbolic Sound Corporation Paca
  14. Topic: Paca

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  15. Pacarana

    Symbolic Sound Corporation Pacarana