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  1. Greetings listeners. It's time for another edition of the Still Stream news letter.Two big tasks have occupied my station hours since I last wrote. First up was a change in service provider which all happened in a bit of a rush due to some technical problems. I'm now firmly set up at Digital Ocean where things are nice and stable. Second I've been catching up on library submissions. Keep an eye on the Facebook page or web site news section for specifics.In live show news, Grove of Whispers has gone on hiatus for a while so that Darth Buddha can recharge his batteries. If you're hankering for bit of grove don't forget that many of the performances are available on Band Camp to buy and to listen to online. Eric is continuing to bring us his special blend of tunes via Mystic Music at the usual time. Visit the home page to see when the next broadcast will be, in your local time zone.Fans of our past DJ's will be very happy to hear that At Waters Edge, Around the Campfire, and Spiral have found a new home at Radio Spiral. Not only do they have a brand new audio stream, they also have a new chat room, as well as their continued presence in Second Life. Be sure to drop by and tune in for a dose of ambient music AND all things electronica.Another piece of exciting news is the creation of a new label called Aatma by our friends Geoff Stewart (aka åpne sinn) and Steve Brand. I believe this is a new sister label for the already excellent EarthMantra netlabel (originally started by Still Stream founder Darrell Burgan). I've had a quick listen to the first release by threadbare and it sounds great! Keep your eye on them and be sure to follow them on Band Camp. I'm sure we'll see some fantastic new releases soon.That's it for now. Thank you all again for your continued support of the station.Cheers, Joel
  2. The floodgates are finally back open for music submissions! Thank you all for your patience If you're an ambient musician and you have something you feel might be suitable for StillStream please visit http://stillstream.fm/submissions/
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