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  1. Why all of these "Robin Storey"-related posts? A bit of explanation. When I first started writing music, I was trying to figure out what directions to take. I was searching for genres on a site called "Epitonic", and I ran across a category called "Drone" music. Drone music? What in heaven's name? Well, I began listening to some samples, and really got into the stuff, appreciating the uncanny and visceral qualities of this type of music. Robin's act Rapoon was listed as an example of drone, referencing several tracks from his album "Raising Earthly Spirits".

    I wanted to create my own drone music. Not sure where to find sounds, I bought samples, and found that Robin had created two excellent, imaginative, somewhat non-linear loop sets, and that the guy who set up loop sets for what was then Sonic Foundry was also a fan. A lot of my earlier musical attempts used sounds crafted by Robin. About this time, I asked Robin if he would be willing to make a mix using some of his own "Acid Loops", and he agreed. He created the "Robin Storey Transit Remix", using sounds I had assembled for my own piece, "Transit". So, in a way, the "Transit" remix was really Robin remixing himself.

    Years went by, and we lost touch. There were some reissues of his remix, I continued using his loops. At one point, I bought a painting of his, from his own "Tarot" deck.

    A couple of years ago, I wanted to make a point of what a great influence Robin had been, both on my music and the scene as a whole, so I created the "Loop Messiah" tribute netrelease, which is a great collection of tracks by various artists that pay tribute to the music of Rapoon. This was an unofficial tribute, but it did quite well, with thousands of downloads on archive.org.

    For a reason I can't describe, I felt that I should try contacting Robin once again. I found that the Abraxas project, and its loop30 series, curated by Gerald Fiebig, covered some historical and cultural themes that Robin had addressed in his music. When I opened a chat window to Robin, it was almost as though he knew why I was approaching him.

    Several months later, and we have "Grasslands Dream of Electric Sheep"-- the current iteration of Robin's influence on my career, and itself a wonderful and authentic piece of music, touching on themes of growing up in Cold War England, and daring to access an emotional range not often found in current music.

    So, there is the answer to the "Why all these Robin Storey" posts. I hope that i explained that well.

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