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  1. Here are some samples I have collected and/or created, which I offer for free. Most are cc-licensed, for use with attribution.

    Enjoy, and remember please to attribute (give credit).

    Spoken Word Samples:

    Tape Loops:

    Shortwave Radio Outtakes:

    Machine Sounds Outtakes:

    Shortwave Radio Sounds:

    Machine Sounds:

    Various Early Sound Experiments For Free Use:

    Urban Industrial Sounds Outtakes:

    Urban Field Recordings:

    Sferics Samples:

    Shortwave Samples:

    Fractal Noise Samples:

    Space Sounds Outtakes:

    Urban Industrial Sounds Outtakes:

    Urban Industrial Sounds Outtakes:

    Treated Field Recordings:

    Harmonica Drones:

    Fractal Drone Segments:

    Home Made Rhythm Samples:

    Various Wind Instrument Drone Samples:

    Pan Pipes Drone Samples:

    Flute Drone Samples:

    Longform Recording of the a Rural Night:

    Trombone Drone Samples: