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  1. For some reason, I keep feeling myself pulled back again and again to a certain time in my life. This was the years 2000-2012, when I lived alone in a low rent apartment in the South Side of Saint Louis.

    Life asks us to pay attention to our loved ones, to our jobs, and to our obligations. This was a period of time when I had few obligations, and no spouse. 

    It really was just me, all day, every day, in this shabby place.

    Chippewa And Brannon was where mystified was born.

    Part of mystified's development involved the harvesting of field recordings. My collaborator Chris McDill at one point suggested that I stop using purchased sounds in my pieces, and start harvesting my own.

    As a result, I was able to capture the atmosphere and vibe of my little apartment in the city.

    I tried to convey this atmosphere in many ways. I would use the field recordings as samples, mixing them together. Sometimes there were conscious compositions. Other times, sounds were mixed fractally in a freeware program.

    Last night, I dug into my archival drive and posted all of the phonographic recordings I had from that period-- all of them that had not been digitally effected. I released them on archive.org.

    Having posted them, I went back to listen. I must admit, these field recordings are indeed the best record of the years 2000-2012 for me. They most accurately capture the vibe of living in poverty in the city. My compositions stretch, mold and exaggerate. The recordings do not.

    This was living low and these field recordings capture it exactly.


    1. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      "The Art Life" is what you just described. I just watched this doc on David Lynch. Its really worth seeing if you can get get a copy.


    2. Mystified


      Thank you, Jack! Small world-- my wife recently had a big Lynch kick (we both watched the Return together), and she shared this documentary with me. Very cool.

    3. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      I was astonished to see he's still an avid painter, and it really impresses me he's not sharing it with the world. He's a real hands-on kind of guy. Not someone with assistants doing things, like we often see with other well known artists. 

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