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  1. I can think of no more important subject than Climate Change. In these contentious times, when politics and other things divide us, we should all be able to believe in a common enemy-- a common goal.
    The rapid warming of this planet is unnatural, and the scientific community recognizes it. This current administration does not.
    You can pretend a clear and steady trend isn't happening, but you can feel it in your skin, your bones, and your memory. You remember Winters with lots of snow-- that lasted 3 months.
    Winter months without freakishly warm, 80-degree days.
    A North Pole that didn't climb above 32 degrees in the Winter.
    An inconvenient truth? Yes-- but one we can (and must) deal with.
    The answer is simple-- use currently known and accepted technologies, as many countries have, particularly in Europe, and switch the U.S. power grid over to renewable energy.
    Not only do we get our planet, and the future of it, back.
    We also step up with the rest of the planet-- and enjoy the many benefits of solar and wind energy.
    I have created a soundscape series, to which I will be adding more pieces, with the notion of persuading people to accept and consider climate change as real, and to acknowledge the known remedies and to work towards them-- I call this "The Emissions Series".
    I hope that you will join me in contemplation of this serious subject, at a very pivotal time. Listen, believe, and share.
    We can all work together on this one:
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