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    In 2018, Thomas Park began using original python code to create programs that assist searching in and utilizing The Internet Archive. The Archive was of great help during Thomas’ career as a musician. He discovered much interesting material there, and adopted as a goal to share that material with as many people as possible.

    Thomas’ first related web application was the “Internet Archive Playlist Generator and DJ Database Tool”. This tool can be used to harvest playlists of .mp3s from the Archive, based on collection name and up to two search terms. DJs and listeners alike can encue and appreciate lengthy sets of music assembled using particular attributes. Users can also add track links to a personal DJ Database of up to 3000 links, and can search and refine this set of links to export if desired.

    A second application, “Global Free Audio”, enables users to access audio based on topic, rather than political orientation. A goal with this program was to help expose people to diverse points of view. A second option at the website enables users to search for news by topic while avoiding spammy ‘Fake News’ sites.

    An application that began as an experiment became increasingly popular-- the “Thomas Park Audio Explorer”. The audio explorer serves track to users from very large playlists of cc-music, helping them to discover new artists and works. The user can download the tracks or playlists, and can continue browsing for as long as they wish.

    More recently, Thomas has created, “Mixplant”, a free web application that enables a user to mix industrial sound loops in real time. Mixplant is ideal for live performances or just for fun. Sounds are selected randomly, so no two sessions are the same.

    Thomas has re-deployed his “Internet Archive Visual Aggregator”, which allows users to search the archive for keyword-based images and videos. The user can then enjoy the search results on a player page, or download them.

    Thomas is grateful, both to the Launchcode program for helping him to learn Python, to his wife for putting up with his abstract periods, and to all who have encouraged him.

    Whether for casual listening, djing a show, pondering political subjects, creating a live performance, or for whatever purpose, he hopes that people will enjoy using his applications to explore, promote and enjoy the free cc-licensed culture available online.


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