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  1. So, I have always wanted to create my own internet radio station, my very own, apart from Live 365, Stillstream, MindSpiral, and all of the other cool stations out there. My Audio Explorer app was close to being such a thing, but was missing just about 11-12 characters in JavaScript. I began taking a class in JavaScript this week, and was able to fill in the gap in my player code, so that it will keep playing without being prompted-- and now you can listen to the Thomas Park Audio Explorer uninterrupted. There are no commercial breaks, and a number of playlists are featured and selected at random, including, at this time, field recordings of caves and factories, old 78 rpm records, minimal techno from the Zimmer netlabel, all of Treetrunk Records, and more. Come on by, it's free- bookmark us and have a listen. You can even download tracks as they play: http://www.thomasparksolutions3.com/

    1. iSteve


      Cool.  I will bookmark this and make some time to listen!!!  Nice that you have a start-up button [Load Track] that also serves as a next track button.  Any chance for a Previous Track button; Fortunately I started to download it before the next tune came on, but if I hadn't it would have been there any more.  (Not urgent, just wondering.) 

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