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  1. "Model 201", Thomas' cassette sounds project, is now complete with "The Case":


  2. This mini-documentary describes my troubled relationship, both with H.P. Lovecraft's fiction, and with related projects on the dark ambient music label "Cryo Chamber".



  3. Please feel free to visit, and bookmark this hub for Thomas Park's various artistic activities:

  4. Hear a reviewer's increasing frustration as Mystified continues to release similar music on different albums and labels throughout the 2000-'oughts. In this video, Thomas reads reviews of his music as posted in Vital Weekly, followed by comments on the reviews by Thomas himself.



  5. In this comic exploration of a reviewer's mounting frustration with an musician's redundancy, Mystified Reviews Vital Weekly Reviews Mystified:


  6. For some reason, I keep feeling myself pulled back again and again to a certain time in my life. This was the years 2000-2012, when I lived alone in a low rent apartment in the South Side of Saint Louis.

    Life asks us to pay attention to our loved ones, to our jobs, and to our obligations. This was a period of time when I had few obligations, and no spouse. 

    It really was just me, all day, every day, in this shabby place.

    Chippewa And Brannon was where mystified was born.

    Part of mystified's development involved the harvesting of field recordings. My collaborator Chris McDill at one point suggested that I stop using purchased sounds in my pieces, and start harvesting my own.

    As a result, I was able to capture the atmosphere and vibe of my little apartment in the city.

    I tried to convey this atmosphere in many ways. I would use the field recordings as samples, mixing them together. Sometimes there were conscious compositions. Other times, sounds were mixed fractally in a freeware program.

    Last night, I dug into my archival drive and posted all of the phonographic recordings I had from that period-- all of them that had not been digitally effected. I released them on

    Having posted them, I went back to listen. I must admit, these field recordings are indeed the best record of the years 2000-2012 for me. They most accurately capture the vibe of living in poverty in the city. My compositions stretch, mold and exaggerate. The recordings do not.

    This was living low and these field recordings capture it exactly.

    1. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      "The Art Life" is what you just described. I just watched this doc on David Lynch. Its really worth seeing if you can get get a copy.


    2. Mystified


      Thank you, Jack! Small world-- my wife recently had a big Lynch kick (we both watched the Return together), and she shared this documentary with me. Very cool.

    3. Jack Hertz

      Jack Hertz

      I was astonished to see he's still an avid painter, and it really impresses me he's not sharing it with the world. He's a real hands-on kind of guy. Not someone with assistants doing things, like we often see with other well known artists. 

  7. A Single Hub For All Of Thomas Park's Media: "Benchmark: Hub":

  8. Any djs or broadcasters out there interesting in audio copies of my project documentaries? If so, here they are:

  9. A Documentary Of The New Industrial Movement-- Short But Active:


  10. A mini-dcoumentary about my netlabel, "Treetrunk Records", with some examples of the music there:

    The documentary is available for streaming now, and is scheduled to appear in downloadable form in the forthcoming 400th Release on Treetrunk Records.

    Special thanks to all who have contributed and listened over the years.

  11. Now and then, someone asks me, "What kind of music do you make"? I have taken some time to create an 8-minute documentary detailing many of my main achievements as mystified, my 15-year ambient drone project. What can be accomplished in 15 years of hard work? Have a watch and a listen:


  12. A brief documentary of Thomas' musical development, covering some of the pivotal recordings he made over a decade ago, and depicting his transformation from early mystified into Grid Resistor:


  13. Given that my posts today are often about mental health, I'd like to add another. A label that released a "Grid Resistor" album (Grid Resistor being my musical act in which I use only machine sounds) wrote something like-- it provided a window to an "obsessive and sterile world".

    With schizophrenia came a fear of intimacy, I am afraid, of any kind. My music evolved into an often seamless expression of coldness-- solitary, isolationist, and not at all intimate.

    For better or worse, humans need contact, and it's taken years of a kind of deprogramming to combat this sense that it is wrong to touch people or be touched. I know this is a trait that is not uncommon in our society, and I feel bad for the many who suffer from it. I am learning that I can't ultimately put nature off-- nature is powerful, and should be respected.


  14. Is there a connection between my schizophrenia and my music? There are many connections.

    When I was struggling with my illness, and living in isolation, I stayed in a shabby, low-rent apartment in the South Side of Saint Louis.

    A frequent thing was to record the sounds of that place, including the constantly leaking pipes. For some reason, I waited months to report the leaks, choosing instead to record the sounds and use them in music.

    There were quite a few pieces that emerged from these pipes recordings. One, "Altercus" (Webbed Hand Records), combined heavily processed versions of the sounds (the tones you can hear) with slightly reverberated versions of the actual sounds.

    "Altercus", incidentally, was a plant that was deemed to have hallucinatory qualities, that was known back in the days of the Roman Empire, but has been lost to history.

    Can you hear the sounds of an isolated schizophrenic, living day to day in his gritty apartment?


  15. Now that most of Thomas Park's solo audio projects have been officially closed, including Mystified, Mister Vapor, AutoCad and others, Thomas has embarked on a multi-phase archiving process.

    First, Thomas amassed and created copies of his complete collection of files-- nearly 1 TB of data.

    Second, Thomas has made available in one convenient place high-quality selections of his various works. Thomas calls these "Archival Selections". They are available at the site that was so pivotal to his career-- The Internet Archive. Archival Selections 1-28 appear as a sub-collection of Treetrunk Records, a netlabel at The Internet Archive.

    You can access these selections at the online hub for Treetrunk Records:

    Here are direct links to the selected releases:

    Aluminum Fly (mystified):
    AutoCad Reclaimed Disc One (AutoCad):
    AutoCad Reclaimed Disc Two (AutoCad):
    Cereal For Dinner (mystified):
    Coming Days (mystified):
    D-Program (mystified):
    Eldritch Steps (mystified):
    Elemental Dub (mystified):
    Fragment, Compress (mystified):
    Haiku 01 (mystified):
    Knowing Memphis (mystified):
    Machines 2 (mystified):
    Night Wheel (mystified):
    Overtone Drones (mystified):
    Skywatchers 2 (mystified):
    Stellar Fugue (Thomas Park):
    The U.F.O. Hoax (mystified):
    Tropical Depression (mystified):
    Urbscape (mystified):
    Urgent Cells (mystified):
    Endless Flutter (mystified):
    In A Haze (mystified):
    Moonshine (mystified):
    Still Dreaming (mystified):
    The Luminous Deep (mystified):
    The Murk (Digital Mass):
    Constant (Mystified):
    Thomas Park and Various Artists- Full Album Videos:

    Especially of note is this last selection, number 028. Number 028 contains a large set of high-definition videos that each contain an entire album. These are not all of Thomas' albums or videos, but they represent a good portion of the releases that featured Thomas as composer-in-chief., and these collections, represent the best available set of archived material by Thomas Park over the last 2 decades.

    There are a few other collections to note:

    YouTube features 2 archival playlists, the "Full Albums" Playlist, and the "Longform Videos" Playlist:

    Another site useful for finding Thomas' music is his Bandcamp Page:

    Finally, looking up information or release links on and/or can be very useful.

    Thank you for your interest in Thomas' creative projects! It is appreciated.