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    GIFGROND #62

    Gifgrond 62th party with 3 electronic live acts and one adventurous deejay on a toxic location! LOGOSAMPHIA(Sadra Hemati) is a composer of electronic music. With one foot in the French underground party scene, and another in The Netherlands avant-garde noise performance & arts, he represents one of the few Iranian musicians active in non-mainstream experimental electronic music. “In fact you can also say that Logosamphia is on the same level as Batman, Spiderman and Zorro; all masked fellows with secret identities, because nobody wants to bring the burden of their work home. But be
  2. The site looks excellent gentlemen, thank you for creating it
  3. until
    BRAND NEW GIFGROND ON SATURDAY NOVEMBER 19! THIS TIME WE PROUDLY PRESENTS: ARMA AGHARTA (Lithuania) – voice / action / improv / dada / Soviet electronics / circuit bent toys Arma is a sound performance artist and curator from Lithuania. His work stands between musique concrete and DIY shamanism. Odd costumes and gestures work along with serious live electronic soundscapes improvised with soviet vintage electronics, acoustic objects and circuit bent gear. The sound performances of Arma Agharta span a broad territory between unbridled eruptions of chaotic noise and
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